Animal rescue: Unwanted horses who otherwise had no chance of living, were rescued and…

The racehorse breeding industry is fiercely competitive to the very heart of its being. In the words of ilovemydogsomuch, while breeders encourage mares to give birth to as many foals as possible, their primary concern is obtaining the valuable milk from the nursing mothers in order to raise competent thoroughbreds for racing.

Victoria Goss, the creator of Last Chance Corral, comes to their rescue as the unwanted foals are discarded and left to die. She cares for these infants and assists them in surviving without their mother. She has a considerably lower death rate of young foals than the industry norm because to her tireless efforts. Victoria has been caring for horses since she was 12 years old. Her heart breaks for these abandoned foals, but she is unable to hire a competitive crew due to financial constraints. When volunteers are available, she enlists their assistance, but she usually manages the sanctuary on her own.

Unfortunately, the assistance provided to these foals is very inadequate in comparison to the massive number of horses being bred and dumped. Due of her limited finances, she has to turn away numerous foals every day, which crushes her heart. Our hearts have been tugged by Victoria’s unselfish mission.

Watch Victoria’s tireless efforts to give these abandoned horses a fighting shot at life in the video below!

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