A cat is head over heels in love with a small cardboard of Danny DeVito…

His given name is Quincy.

He’s a sweet, friendly cat that knows precisely what he wants and how to get it.

In fact, Quincy absolutely adores a cardboard figure of actor Danny DeVito, which he keeps on his nightstand.

And he isn’t afraid to show off his accomplishments.

The Danny DeVito cutout was purchased by Quincy’s owner, Twitter user radtoria, as a joke for her partner. She reasoned that when their home was under lockdown, passers-by may notice it and smile.

However, someone became unduly attached somewhere along the process.

“In order to make our neighbors’ walks more interesting, I started putting it in our window. Later, I’d take it down in order to close the blinds at night,” Radtoria shared her story with the Dodo. “Noise would wake me up every time I woke up and saw Quincy cuddling with it.”

“At first, there was some concern that Quincy would cause damage to the cutout. DeVito appears to be unaffected by the cat’s constant attention, which is surprising given his small size. This cardboard cutout is more than just a plaything for Quincy.”

“It’s something he’s very careful with. He never takes a bite out of it. He never gets into a fight with it. If I try to take the toy away from him (which I no longer do), he simply extends his paws over it and gives me a “don’t mess with me” attitude,” radtoria explained. “It appears to me that he considers it to be an exclusive toy,” she added.

Quincy now takes a nap with a little cardboard replica of Danny DeVito’s face practically every time he goes out.

“It still makes me chuckle when I think about it. It’s just such an odd and surreal experience, isn’t it? He has a multitude of toys!” Radtoria exclaimed. “Can you tell me why this is the case?”

Of course, it’s a little out of the usual — but sometimes the heart wants what it wants.

Quincy has definitely made his choice.

If Quincy is happy, then the rest of the crew is as well.

“He’s the sweetest cat I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing,” Radtoria said of her feline friend. He now has a new outlet for his snuggles, which we appreciate.”

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A cat is head over heels in love with a small cardboard of Danny DeVito…
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