After checking she can trust a couple the cat brings her sick kitten to them… Read on below to know what they did…

What can you do if you’re a stray cat who becomes a mother?

Every mother wants the best for her child, and the streets are certainly not the place for a kitten. They require security and comfort rather than danger and uncertainty.

A stray mama cat recently had this situation, but happily, she had some wonderful pals to rely on.

When a stray cat in their neighborhood took a shine to Courtney and her boyfriend Jake, they were touched.

Courtney and Jake first spotted the stray while out for a walk, and the friendly stray quickly began following them around the neighborhood almost every time they went for a walk.

The stray cat was surprisingly friendly for a stray, and she needed pats and cuddles.

She was a free spirit, though, and once she’d gotten her to fill with attention, she’d wander off to do her own thing.

Courtney and Jake were so taken with the tabby feline that they started putting out food and water for her, which only strengthened her feelings for the couple.

She was grateful for everything they did for her and immediately became one of their most ardent supporters.

Courtney and Jake gave her the moniker “Queso” and became accustomed to seeing her around their house.

When they returned home one day, Queso wasn’t alone.

Queso had grown to love and trust the couple so much that she chose to entrust them with the most important task of her life: parenting her child.

As a result, when Courtney and Jake returned home, Queso was waiting for them with a cat in tow.

For some solitude, the couple brought the new mother and her baby into their screened-in back porch, where they were given everything they needed to feel at ease.

Queso was ecstatic and lavished love and cuddles on the newlyweds.

The kitten, on the other hand, was not doing so well.

Courtney and Jake took the kitten to the veterinarian for a checkup, and the veterinarian informed them that the kitten was underweight.

They were told to bottle-feed the kitten since Queso wasn’t giving it enough milk.

The kitten’s weight improved after the couple started giving him formula in between nursing sessions.

Queso, on the other hand, was not interested in co-parenting; she had intended for Courtney and Jake to take up her parental responsibilities.

Queso wasn’t cut out to be a mother or a house cat, much alone both. She yearned for independence, but she needed to make sure her cat was safe.

Queso was ready to leave her baby in their loving and capable arms now that the kitten had two beautiful new parents.

Courtney and Jake agreed to have Queso spayed in order to prevent any future unintended pregnancies, and then let her go back to her old life.

The kitten was given the name “Beans” by the couple, and she has been doing quite well.

Queso, on the other hand, continues to see them on a regular basis for some love and attention, and she appears to be satisfied with the whole situation.

We’re overjoyed that Queso felt she could entrust her precious Beans to Courtney and Jake, and that everything worked out in the end.

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After checking she can trust a couple the cat brings her sick kitten to them… Read on below to know what they did…
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