The best cat mentor ever… Tap below to know this sweet story…

The home of Jazmin Felder has become a sanctuary for stray animals. When she heard meowing from her yard one day, she instantly went outside to investigate. She discovered a stray tabby on a tree branch there.
She took the tabby in, gave him a name, and made him feel at ease. Felder observed Buddy was not playing with the other cats after a few days.

Buddy also preferred to be alone, even during naps, Felder discovered. Felder discovered a five-week-old gray kitten and decided to take her in as well. Felder couldn’t bear leaving the gray cat because she had been abandoned.

Felder called the kitten Hannah after she was adopted. Felder already had five rescue cats at the time, but he figured one more wouldn’t hurt.
“I was raised to take care of whatever life threw at me. And every time a cat came to my door, I gave them their own home and all of my affection,” Felder explained.

Buddy had changed since Hannah had arrived. Despite their opposing characteristics, they quickly became close friends.
Buddy is now seated next to Hannah. They groom each other, hug each other, and console each other. They’re virtually inseparable.

“Before he starts eating himself, Buddy will take food and give it to Hannah.” They have a lot of fun batting cat toys around and seeing who can get to the top of the stairs first. “We’re confident Buddy will allow Hannah to win,” Felder added.

Buddy, in addition to being great friends with Hannah, has made friends with the other cats. Felder is overjoyed that her cats have bonded and Buddy is no longer sleeping alone.

Six rescue cats live with Jazmin Felder, a cat enthusiast. Buddy preferred to be alone and didn’t play with the other cats in the family when she found him and took him in.

Felder discovered Hannah last of the six rescue cats, just six months after Buddy. Hannah is a feline who is friendly, outgoing, and lively.

Buddy’s entire personality altered when Felder brought her in. Hannah became his best friend after he opened out to her.

Buddy, despite his shyness, adores Hannah and has taken on the role of her older brother. They are inseparable and complete each other’s tasks.

Buddy has developed friends with the other rescued cat in the house since Hannah joined their family.

The rescue cats have become a happy family. They all eat, play, and sleep together, and are just adorable.

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The best cat mentor ever… Tap below to know this sweet story…
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