This tiny kitten is paralyzed yet manages to surprise everyone…

Little Charlie was delivered to Marie’s home in a small laundry basket late one night. He was about eight weeks old and weighed a bit less than two pounds when they found him.

It was believed that tiny Charlie had been thrown against a wall, and that this mistreatment had caused major injury to his spine, which had resulted in his hind legs becoming completely paralyzed.

Marie had no idea that when this teeny-tiny kitten walked into her life, he would entirely transform her perspective on everything.
Meet Charlie, and then continue reading for his story.

Marie had never taken care of a paralyzed kitten before, and she was unsure of what the future contained for the little guy. When she lifted him up for the first time, he was trembling, but after that, he just relaxed and started purring.

His appetite appeared to be satisfactory, and he appeared to be quite bright and energetic. And, despite the fact that he was in a lot of pain, he was nevertheless full of energy.

When Marie took him to the vet, they suggested to put him down, but Marie couldn’t handle it and found it difficult to hear what was being said.

She didn’t think this was the best option for Charlie, so she went to the local hospital to inquire about surgery. The surgeons there were willing to treat him, but it would cost $10,000-$12,000 to do so.

Marie was stumped as to what to do with the money, but she came up with the idea of making a Go Fund Me page and spreading it on social media.

Within 24 hours, over 600 people had donated, and enough money had been raised to allow the procedure to proceed.

After the procedure, Charlie became quite ill and had to spend a week in the intensive care unit. He began two weeks of physiotherapy after that, and he soon began to use his rear legs.

Nothing could stop him after that. In a short period of time, he progressed from walking to sprinting, jumping, and climbing.

And he never, ever gave up or stopped trying.

Marie realized she couldn’t let Charlie leave after being such a crucial part of his life; he was now a member of her family.

He also inspired her to help other special-needs cats out there, so she founded Charlie’s Army Animal Rescue and began fostering and caring for kittens who needed extra attention.

Allow Charlie to serve as an example and a reminder to never give up.

Watch his video below:

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This tiny kitten is paralyzed yet manages to surprise everyone…
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