The transformation of a stray kitten with frog eyes astounds his rescuers… Check out the photos to see it…

This tiny little kitten with frog-like eyes was recently rescued. And, he has an amazing fight to live.

Meet Oomi the miracle kitty!

About a month ago, a little 4-week-old cat with enormous eyes arrived at the ASPCA Kitten Nursery in New York City. She was in desperate need of assistance and tender loving care.

“She was dropped off at my job’s front desk and sent to me and my kitten nursery team,” Cerena explained.

The giant eyes of the feline reminded the caregivers of frog eyes. It appeared to be the result of a bacterial infection that had gone untreated.

“I went to meet her, and she really wanted to cuddle and be loved the instant you lifted her up.” My fiance (Anthony) and I fell in love with her the first night we fostered her when she was a little more medically stable.”

“During medicine time, I always took some additional time to cuddle with her,” Cerena recalled. “She really radiates cheerfulness or ‘pawsitivity,'” says the narrator. It was difficult to avoid falling in love.”

Cerena placed her adoption on hold for this wonderful little kitty the next day.

After several visits to the veterinarian, they determined that Oomi required surgery to remove her eyes. However, she would have to wait till she was bigger before having the procedure.

“She refuses to be slowed down by life!” She enjoys climbing anything she can get her hands on.”

“Her eye had ruptured in the middle of the night, so we took her to the hospital, where they decided to enucleate her a few weeks sooner than expected.”

Oomi’s humans were understandably concerned, but the small tortie remained composed and purred away as if nothing was amiss. That went a long way toward calming her humans down.

Following the surgery, Oomi snuggled up to her mother for some cuddles. “She began purring as soon as I took her in my arms. I knew she’d be able to bounce back!”

Oomi started climbing about again just a few days after the procedure.

“Her veterinarian claimed he’d never seen a kitten recover that quickly from surgery!” Cerena said, “You’d never know she’s missing her eyes.”

Pain and illness are no longer an issue! Oomi is receiving a new lease on life.

“She is a force to be reckoned with. She still comforts suckles, so I’m woken up every morning with it on my neck and chin. She enjoys playing, but she also enjoys cuddling and simply relaxing with us as we play games or watch television.”

“When we get home, she chirps because she’s so excited.”

Oomi always follows Cerena to the kitchen in the hopes of snatching a bite to eat. “You’d never know she was blind until she ran into a wall every now and again.” She runs around and tackles her toys with 20/20 vision!”

The miracle kitty has already mapped out her home and understands where to turn, continue walking, and come to a complete halt. What a super strength’!

Oomi’s heart is the size of the entire planet, despite her diminutive stature.

“Even the fiercest fighters need a beloved plush rabbit to cuddle with from time to time.”

Oomi is now living a high life. Her adaptability continues to astound her human companions. Oomi was adopted by the couple a week ago, and she is now a permanent member of their family.

“I’ve been struggling with a number of medical issues as well as rehabilitating physically and mentally following a terrible vehicle accident in July. She is the one who has kept me going… She’s in my life to make me laugh!

“She appeared in my life at precisely the right time.”

Remember this kitty’s fight for life the next time you complain about something!

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The transformation of a stray kitten with frog eyes astounds his rescuers… Check out the photos to see it…
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