A woman found a whole cat family behind her wall and they were not a usual one… Check out the photos to see what’s unique about them…

A good-hearted woman heard teeny-tiny meows coming from behind her wall. A small polydactyl kitten trapped within dropped into her arms as she ripped it open. She discovered four more kittens with extra toes in her garage a few weeks later.

The Sonoma woman is a feral cat colony carer, and when she heard meows coming through her walls, she realized she had to rescue the kitten out of harm’s way.

Wally, a polydactyl orange and white tabby, was the tiny guy’s moniker.

Because her local rescue agency, Pets Lifeline of Sonoma Valley (Sonoma, CA), was closed for the evening, the nice lady took the kitten to a pet supplies store to seek help.

Michael Davis said, “Bobby, the store manager of Pet Food Express Sonoma and my partner, offered to foster Wally.”

However, two weeks after the rescue, the lady who saved young Wally discovered the remainder of the litter in her garage, much to everyone’s amazement. They’re all ginger and white, and their paws have additional digits.

The woman took the kittens to Pets Lifeline for immediate care before returning home to look for their mother. She found her a day later, and she, too, was a polydactyl!

Mama was then brought back to be reunited with her kittens by her.

Sara of Pets Lifeline of Sonoma Valley said, “When we put them together, she was still agitated (from the trip), but she quickly calmed in with her pups.”

“They’re doing rather well. Kittens are maturing and consuming kitten food “Sara remarked. “After they’ve been weaned, they’ll go into foster care until they’re ready to be spayed or neutered.”

When she’s ready, the mama cat will be spayed as well.

Wally, on the other hand, is growing up quickly and is exceedingly affectionate.

“He’s virtually always playing with toys and has already been adopted by our other cat, Zeek,” Davis said.

Nobody knows how the small creature ended up stuck inside a wall… He is currently, however, living the good life.

Wally has now been designated as Pet Food Express Sonoma’s official kitten, receiving all of the love and attention from the community.

“We pray that his brothers and sisters be adopted into loving and caring homes and that they are able to receive the best possible care that we can provide!”

“Having a polydactyl cat is fantastic; he’s already ‘grabbing,’ and I’m looking forward to many years of mischief and affection!”

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A woman found a whole cat family behind her wall and they were not a usual one… Check out the photos to see what’s unique about them…
No one wanted to adopt this cute cat for a reason except… Check out the photos to see his story…