This mother cat and daughter kitty went through a lot together… Check out the photos to know their story…

This loving cat and her youngster have been through a lot together, but their love for each other has kept their spirits up, and things are finally looking up for them.

Rosa was rescued from the streets of Los Angeles while living as a stray with her two little babies.

Rosa had been observed wandering the streets for a long time before being rescued, as the devoted mother was afraid of humans and had proven to be a difficult kitten to catch.

But, eventually, a local animal rescuer named Chris was able to capture Rosa and her puppies, and the tiny family was placed in a foster home with the help of Wrenn Rescues.

Jen Marder, a Wrenn Rescues volunteer, consented to care for Rosa and her kittens.

Marder took excellent care of the small family, attempting to make the frightened stray feel as comfortable and at ease as possible in their new surroundings.

Rosa needed to be able to unwind and trust that she and her kittens were safe at last.

Despite Marder’s best efforts, though, things got off to a harrowing start. The smallest kitty died two weeks after we moved home.

It was too little and frail to survive, and no amount of care could save it.

Rosa was understandably upset, but instead of giving up hope, she decided to focus all of her efforts on keeping her last cat, King, loved and protected.

The bereaved mother clung to her surviving child and showered him with all the love and devotion he need.

And King flourished thanks to his mother’s tender care. She developed into a fascinating and playful kitten as she grew bigger and stronger.

Rosa continued to adorn him as he grew older, making sure he was in good health.

Because she was so focused on King, she sometimes forgot to eat, but Marder would make sure to bring her food and water.

Rosa was adoring King, and Marder was adoring Rosa.

Rosa’s confidence grew as King became stronger and rowdier.

She began to have faith in Marder and began to appreciate her new existence. She became more social and friendly, and she is today a happy and healthy cat.

Rosa is still keeping a careful check on her rambunctious little kitten, and it’s clear that the two are inseparably linked.

“It’s one of the sweetest mother-daughter ties I’ve ever witnessed,” Marder said.

Rosa and King’s love has taken them through some difficult moments, and they are now safe and able to enjoy life.

They’re now on the lookout for their forever home, and they’re hoping to be adopted together so they’ll never be separated.

We are confident that they will find a wonderful family and enjoy a long and happy marriage.

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This mother cat and daughter kitty went through a lot together… Check out the photos to know their story…
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