A woman sacrifices her bedroom to foster 24 cats… Read on to know why and how…

When Betsey spotted the Humane Society’s Facebook post looking for a foster mom or dad, she was all set to foster a mama cat and her two youngsters. But she was so taken with the experience that she decided to go it alone and continue fostering. She now hunts for stray and feral cats. She even made her spare bedroom into the foster room in her condo.

She cares for all of the cats until they’re ready to be adopted. She either takes them to a local no-kill shelter or finds them home on her own after that. Needless to say, she’ll definitely be paying it forward!

I have been fostering cats for a year and a half

It began with a mother and her two kittens.

I’ve started catching stray and feral cats.

I even made a foster room out of the spare room!

All of the cats are fostered until they are socialized.

I take them to a no-kill shelter in the area.

Alternatively, I could find them a home on my own.

There were moments when the cats I adopted were too feral to socialize.

In those instances, I had the cat neutered or spayed.

Two of the feral cats continue to get fed regularly

Some of the cats are quite friendly and do not require any socialization.

I call them my foster babies

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