A dog leads the rescuers to abandoned kittens and a magic happens… Tap on the video below to know what…

Aragon is a lovely rescue puppy that lives in Greece with his mother.

He and his mother live near Mount Immitos, and they like going for walks in the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, they frequently stumble across empty cardboard boxes used to dump kittens on the hillside.

People in their neighborhood, as well as other parts of Greece, have become accustomed to abandoning kitten litter.

Because the kittens are defenseless against predators and do not survive long in the outdoors, the boxes are frequently empty.

Aragon’s mother volunteers for the animal welfare organization SCARS, and she wanted to film a movie to show how many poor animals have been thrown ruthlessly on the mountain.

“Aragon’s mother finds empty cardboard boxes on the mountain almost every day, sometimes with blankets and toys still inside, but no animals.” SCARS wrote on YouTube.

So Aragon’s mother took her camera on a walk with them one day to gather some footage for her video.

Aragon and his mother only expected to obtain a few photographs of the countless boxes that litter the location because wild animals normally get a hold of the abandoned kittens within a few hours.

But then something extraordinary occurred.

Aragon began dragging his mother towards a box, where they discovered a complete litter of kittens.

They had lasted long enough to be identified and saved, despite all odds.

They brought the litter home, and Aragon assumed the position of foster father right away.

He’d rescued the adorable tiny infants, and now he’d make sure they had all they needed.

The kittens were examined by a veterinarian, and the excellent people at SCARS provided for their every need, but no one was more invested in their well-being than Aragon.

Although they were not his biological offspring, they were without a doubt his children at heart.

He played with them, cuddled them, and showered them with all the love and attention that little kittens want from their father.

The kittens were given a second chance at life thanks to Aragon’s keen senses and generous heart.

The kittens thrived in SCARS’ care, and Aragon made certain they had all of the love and attention they deserved.

He made them feel loved and safe at a time when they most needed it, and we’re confident they’ll remember it for the rest of their lives.

Watch their sweet video here:

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A dog leads the rescuers to abandoned kittens and a magic happens… Tap on the video below to know what…
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