VIDEO: A mother cat who was attacked by a dog is delighted to be reunited with her kittens after being separated from them…

Toodles is a stray cat that used to live in a mobile home park. She was attacked by one of the dogs there one day and needed medical treatment.

Fortunately, the help was on the way when Mindy, a neighbor who worked at Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control, brought Toodles to the shelter so she could be examined by a veterinarian.

As soon as she walked through the door, it was clear that Toodles had become a mother for the first time. Mindy wasted no time in starting the search for her litter of kittens as soon as she arrived at the shelter, now when the mother cat  was safe.

“Toodles was lactating and seemed to have just given birth to kittens,” a spokesman for the shelter noted. “Mindy informed her neighbors that she was on the search for kittens, and they responded positively. Mindy took them to the shelter when they were discovered hiding beneath a mobile home.”

She meowed with delight as the first kitten was put on Toodles’ bed. She took a quick sniff around and then started to meow with delight.

The remainder of the kittens quickly joined in on the joyous reunion, with Toodles giving out little squeaks of delight throughout her litter.

There was no delay in starting the feeding process since these 2 week-old kittens were insatiably hungry!

The shelter was able to locate a foster home for the whole family, and they were moved to their new home the same night they arrived.

Everything should have been fine now that Toodles was in a secure setting with her kittens, but one of her caregivers realized that something wasn’t quite right with her.

Another kitten was discovered crying for her mother beneath the same mobile home where her siblings were located a few days later, making six in total. Mindy arrived on the scene in a flash and hurried the kitten back to her home to be reunited with her family.

As soon as she spotted her mom, the young kitten, now called Percy, dove straight in for a feeding, she must’ve been quite hungry.

Furthermore, it was clear that Toodles was a lot more at ease now that her family had been united.

All of the members of this gorgeous family will be spayed, neutered, and microchipped in the near future. All of them have been adopted into beautiful and caring families.

Watch this beautiful video of their reunion:

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VIDEO: A mother cat who was attacked by a dog is delighted to be reunited with her kittens after being separated from them…
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