This rescue cat has been labeled the “world’s saddest cat,” yet he is everything but that… Tap here to learn more…

Due to an unusual disease, a cat with a “sad face” has finally found his forever home.

Sushi, a five-year-old cat from Sao Paulo whose breed is unknown, has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a highly unusual disease (EDS).

Due to a shortage of collagen, the connective tissue is affected, resulting in unusually stretchy and weak skin. Sushi’s skin is loose and delicate as a result of his illness, giving him a drooping, melancholy appearance.

Sushi was saved as a kitten after being discovered on the street, and in 2016, Larissa Yamaguchi adopted him after learning about his condition.
Sushi, despite his mournful appearance, has a joyful existence and is properly cared for by Larissa. He does, however, have itchy skin and will benefit from a soft collar to help with his loose skin.

Larissa had no idea he had EDS for four years, despite seeing multiple veterinarians since his skin was sensitive.

However, she discovered Sushi had the same illness after reading a story of a similar cat on the internet.

She said, ” “Sushi had EDS for four years before we discovered it. I spent £800 on him, and he tried a variety of medications, but none of them worked.  We discovered a cat dermatologist after discovering a similar cat online, and even she was taken aback. She said it had been more than ten years since she had seen a cat like Sushi!  I was terrified, but we discovered that we could manage it and that it was not lethal.”

Sushi is required to wear a collar in order to avoid scratching his irritated skin. Larissa said that she spent £800 trying to figure out what was causing the cat’s skin to sag before discovering another cat with EDS.

Sushi has been criticized because of his appearance, according to his loving owner, who has four cats in all. Others feel sorry for him or are afraid for him.

But despite the given facts about his appearance and the reality he lives in, Sushi is quite happy to live in such a loving and caring family.

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This rescue cat has been labeled the “world’s saddest cat,” yet he is everything but that… Tap here to learn more…
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