A patient woman gets her 17 cats and dogs to pose for a family photo… Tap here to see that famous photo…

The majority of pet owners like photographing their animals and gushing about how adorable they are. Photographing pets, on the other hand, is very tough and may quickly become a never-ending effort. Getting one pet to stay still for a shot, whether it’s a cat or a dog, may be difficult, so many of us end up with a lot of blurry photos.

As a result, we believe it is difficult to get a photograph of many pets sitting motionless and staring at the camera. Kathy Smith of Corwen, Wales, however, accomplished the seemingly impossible: she persuaded her 17 cats and dogs to pose for a gorgeous family portrait.

Kathy’s interest is rescuing pets and other species in need, so she adopts eight dogs (Ruby, Ben, Max, Sheba, Teddy, Rio, Storm, and Mishka) and nine cats. She also has four budgies, many fish, and a newborn hedgehog under her care, in addition to her dogs and cats.

Her house is typically a source of surprise for guests due to the quantity of animals she owns. “People are always surprised when they come over and see how many pets we have; the home is crazy, but we’re accustomed to it,” Kathy added.

Kathy wanted to photograph all of her dogs and cats in one shot one day. It wasn’t simple, however. She tempted them with snacks to pose calmly in the living room. All of the dogs sat for rewards, but the cats were a different story.

Kathy Smith said it took her many weeks and a lot of sweets to get there. As a result, she was overjoyed when she snapped a heartfelt photo of her cats before they dispersed and started to play. Kathy stated, “I was really excited when I realized I’d captured this photograph — it’s like a small family snapshot.”

Kathy tried repeatedly to photograph all of the cats and dogs together, but some were always out of frame. She did not, however, quit up. Finally, in a stroke of luck, she managed to persuade all 17 of them to sit still for a lovely family portrait.

When I saw the wonderful photo of 17 cats and dogs sitting in the living room, I couldn’t believe my eyes. People can’t get enough of the photo now that it’s gone popular on the internet.

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A patient woman gets her 17 cats and dogs to pose for a family photo… Tap here to see that famous photo…
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