A kitten accompanied her sister to the woman who had been kind to her… Tap here to learn more about this cute family…

While on her way to meet another volunteer at the Chatons Orphelins Montréal cat rescue facility in Montreal, Milena decided to take an alternative route after leaving a veterinary clinic. She saw a gray cat looking at her with curiosity, and the cat, sensing the attention she was getting, brought her small sister with her to share the experience.

After calling the curious kitty to her, Milena walked up to her with a joyful attitude. The woman approached her and handed her some food, which the tiny kitty gratefully took.

Celine Crom, of Chatons Orphelins Montréal, shared her thoughts:

“It was at that point that she realized the cat was pregnant and had a huge stomach.” Milena reached into her purse and pulled out a can of food she had stored away there. She appeared to be hungry.”

The cat came to a complete stop while excitedly munching the food and immediately started to meow and purr.

After hearing the kitten make short joyful meows, Milena initially assumed the kitten was delighted to have something to eat. But then she heard another cat approaching from behind her.

In the midst of the feast, another black and white cat appeared out of nowhere next to Milena, and she immediately joined in; it was clear that the gray kitten’s meows were an invitation to her sister to join in. The woman was relieved to be in that particular place at that particular time.

Everything looked to be heading in the right direction since she had an empty pet carrier with her and had just dropped off a cat at the veterinarian office.

They were so loving that Milena walked up to touch them and saw how affectionate they were. They rubbed on the delighted woman when they finished eating, and the adorable kittens seemed to understand that they would be safe and on their way out of the streets.

Added to that, Celine remarked:

“It seemed most probable that they were both from the same litter since they were both less than a year old. There was no discovery of a microchip. Freya (gray) and Keisha (black and white) were the names we picked for our babies.”

Freya went on to give birth to four premature babies, all of whom died despite attempts to save their lives. Following this horrible experience, a decision was made that the sisters would never again live on the streets and were sterilized as a result of it.

In the foster home, they quickly became used to living as indoor cats. Immediately after the incident, Keisha sat by Freya’s side, calming her and ensuring that she felt safe.

Beautiful Keisha sought to wash her sister’s face after the sterilization procedure even though the cones made it very difficult for her to do so.

Celine expressed herself as follows:

“The two are really close to one another. They are continuously in nearby to one another and support each other.”

During the day, Freya found consolation in her sister, who could be seen resting on each other with their cones while they gazed out of the window. Since their placement in the foster family, the adorable sisters have flourished; they are playful and highly active, and they have made many friends.

Celine also remarked the following:

“Freya is sweet and kind, but Keisha is quite active, inquisitive, and loud. They are an excellent match. Keisha has no fear of anything and likes climbing the cat tree to get to the top. She meows in a loud manner that periodically becomes deafeningly quiet. She is laid-back, and she takes pleasure in embracing and rubbing her head on her humans in search of love.”

Their relationship is strong; it is uncommon to see them apart; they are constantly on the lookout in case one of them chooses to move; they like cuddling together; and they look out for one another.

Freya and Keisha have been together for more than a year and are anxious to find a permanent home where they can be appreciated and spend the rest of their lives with the same person or family.

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A kitten accompanied her sister to the woman who had been kind to her… Tap here to learn more about this cute family…
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