While mom is off hunting, the bear cubs hold hands… Watch the cutest scene here…

Many people believe that wildlife is a dangerous and vicious thing. However, there are times when it provides incredibly delicate sights. These two bear cubs holding hands are a sight to see. Lewis Kemper, a wildlife photographer, was at the right place at the right moment to snap these two cubs on camera.

Kemper, a 62-year-old photographer living in California, was in Lake Clark National Park when he discovered the cubs holding hands as they watched their mother attempt to search for meals in the nearby lake. During an interview, Lewis describes the encounter as follows: “I was taking a photography trip around Lake Clark in Alaska earlier this month when I came across a mother and her two cubs waiting for mom to return with something to eat. I was around 20 feet away from the two cubs — bears in the region are used to human presence and do not seem to be bothered by our presence.”

Despite the fact that the cubs were eager for their food, the mother returned empty-handed, as the photographer went on to explain, “The two bears held hands for roughly 20 seconds.” They thought their mother would bring them food, but she returned empty-handed.” According to wildlife specialists, bears only have a 10% hunting success rate.

Although most bears like fish, vegetation make up the majority of their diet. “Although bears love their salmon, most of them are omnivores and mostly consume vegetables and, of course, a lot of grass,” Lewis continues in his interview.

When it comes to these emotional encounters, these cubs aren’t the only ones that have been seen clutching “hands”. There was also a video from a South African beach in which a couple saw two penguins clutching flippers, which went viral and captured the hearts of millions of people.

Watch the video below:

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While mom is off hunting, the bear cubs hold hands… Watch the cutest scene here…
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