This puppy is always ruining group photos, just like in famous “We all have that one friend” saying…

Kiko adores being the center of attention in group photographs. The “rebel” in the group is Kiko, who turns her back to the camera, snapping her head back in a “Oh my God, how can she even bend like that” kind of way as the group poses for shots. Although some may view Kiko’s behavior to be inappropriate, his owners and friends seem to be OK with it the most of the time.

In an interview, Ashleigh Maxpherson describes her dogs as follows: “The three ginger dogs are Finnish spitz. Mika is a three-year-old girl who lives with us. Tofu is the other ginger dog in the group. She is Mika’s kid, and she is one and a half years old at the time of this writing.

The final ginger is Kiko, who is 9 months old and who has a habit of turning her head backwards when she gets excited. She also happens to be Mika’s daughter. They are lively tiny dogs that are feisty and quite cat-like in appearance.

They are sociable and have a lot to say about everything. It is a little breed of dog with a big personality.. Kaya is the white dog in the photos.

Macpherson said that Kiko was a Covid puppy that had been nurtured throughout the lockdown period. Her littermates were not there since she was a singleton puppy. As a result, the cats were her primary source of entertainment while growing up. Possibly, this explains why she is such a bizarre personality.”

Although the dogs have been taught to sit, keep still, and pose for the camera, since Kiko is still a puppy, she will sometimes break her posture in order to “ruin” the group shots, something she has learned to do on her own.

“If she is looking in the other way, she will instinctively want to turn her head and look at me,” Macpherson says further. It’s a personal quirk of hers that has lately been transformed into a joke.” Regardless of their ancestry, the dogs are treated as a family since they go on trips and walks together on a daily basis, usually twice.

These dogs also are trained on a regular basis to ensure that their obedience remains in control. “Because Finnish spitz dogs have a lot of energy, they need a lot of exercise or they’ll go crazy at home,” the dog’s owner continues. When I go to work, Kiko is the only dog that comes with me; the other dogs remain at home. It is customary for them to sleep until I return from work, at which point we go for our second stroll.”

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This puppy is always ruining group photos, just like in famous “We all have that one friend” saying…
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