Kiara decided to take a stray kitten in and give her a new name to match her new home…

When Kiara, a dog walker from Orlando, Florida, was out walking her dog, a stray cat approached her and she was surprised. As she continued walking, she became aware of the cat following after her. It was the little stray that was meowing for attention, seemingly undisturbed by the enormous dog.

It was up to the unfortunate kitten to meow as loudly as she possibly could to ensure that Kiara saw her. She was soaked with oil and grease, and she was also infested with fleas.

The kitten didn’t belong to anybody and had been wandering the streets her whole life, according to a close neighbor, who Kiara approached for help. Many people had seen her, but they had all passed her by and none of them had taken her with them to their homes.

Throughout the whole process, I was holding her and she was purring. “I knew as soon as the woman started telling me her story that she was going to be mine,” Kiara recalled. The cat was clearly drawn to Kiara, and so Kiara decided to take her in and give her a new name – Hope – to match her new home.

As soon as Kiara completed her dog-walking duty, she went to the pet shop with her boyfriend, Chris, to buy up supplies for the kitten. When they returned home, they gave her a bath to get rid of all the filth and grime that had accumulated.

As a result, Kiara fed Hope and then helped the little baby to her new bed. “I’ll never forget the first time I saw her kneading in her bed, and how comfortable she was. It was perhaps the first item she’d ever had that made her feel safe. She now had a dependable supply of food, affection, comfort, and toys, and she was no longer alone “Kiara shared her thoughts.

Hope weighed just 2.9 pounds when she was three and a half months old. She didn’t have any other health problems, and she was constantly cheerful. She seems to understand that she has a wonderful parent who loves her beyond everything else.

Kiara and her boyfriend fed Hope a lot of food in order for her to acquire weight. She’s grown in size and strength since the day she was rescued. She is now five and a half months old, and she has grown in size.

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Kiara decided to take a stray kitten in and give her a new name to match her new home…
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