After rescuing stray cats, women take them hiking and camping… Watch the photos and the video here…

While dumping garbage into a park trash can, Kayleen VanderRee felt she heard something. She abruptly came to a standstill. The meowing sound was unmistakable.

VanderRee remained there observing as a little cat gently approached her from behind a bush. “I coaxed him out and picked him up,” says VanderRee to The Dodo. Then she saw a second kitten. Her closest friend, Danielle Gumbley, was called up at that moment.

It was VanderRee who noted that the animals had clearly been abandoned. The fact that there are a lot of cougars, bears, and eagles in the area prompted us to decide to bring the animals with us so they wouldn’t be eaten.”

Their local SPCA facility was closed when they discovered the kittens, so they decided to bring them along with them on their weekend getaway to the mountains.

“I just gave Danielle puppy eyes and said, “You have to keep them because I can’t, but you have to”. VanderRee added. She couldn’t keep them since she was a college student at the time.

In that year, they set off on a trip that started in Victoria, British Columbia, and ended in the mountains and lakes of northern Canada. VanderRee’s cat is named Keel, while Gumbley’s cat is named Bolt.

The next day, they joined up with some other friends and drove five hours north to the mountains. Bolt and Keel were “just hanging around in our coats,” VanderRee remembered of their time together. “They instantly formed a bond with us and had no problems about joining us on the climb.” Keel purred during the whole process. Once they were on the road, they were at peace.”

They are most likely brothers, and when they returned from their first trip, a doctor reported they were in perfect health. Bolt, the fluffy cat, and Keel, the shorthair cat, are most likely brothers.

Despite the fact that the cats continue to live with Gumbley, the four of them are seldom apart.

According to VanderRee, “Danielle and I travel almost every weekend or every other weekend,” thus it was critical to them that the cats fit in with their routine.

However, they prefer to sleep with or on top of VanderRee and Gumbley, despite the fact that they each have their own sleeping bag. During such lake excursions, they are each outfitted with an own leash, harness, and life jacket.

Keel is a gentler person who appreciates being the focus of attention. “He loves to bite your toes if you don’t scratch him,” VanderRee continued. “Bolt is completely unconcerned. You are free to take him anywhere you wish.”

Watch their video below:

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After rescuing stray cats, women take them hiking and camping… Watch the photos and the video here…
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