This poor abandoned cat can’t get enough of this with her new mom… Watch the video to see the loevely moments…

As animal lovers, we despise irresponsible pet owners who abandon their animals on the streets to fend for themselves. Fortunately, there are still many caring people eager to help them and give them a second opportunity in life.

A kind-hearted mother discovered a cat cowering under her son’s car in a parking lot on a sunny afternoon last month. The cat was hiding from the 100-degree heat by sleeping on a concrete pavement that was partially hidden by the car.

To aid the sad animal, the woman immediately contacted Cats of San Bernardino, a non-profit organization situated in San Bernardino, California.

After that, the rescuers went to the parking lot to assess the cat’s situation. Because the cat was not feral, they were able to readily touch and pick him up.
“Please, someone take me,” he said, according to Jaina from Cats of San Bernardino. “He just let himself be picked up and he didn’t move.”

The unhappy cat was gently coaxed into the carrier by the rescuers, who then took him to the doctor to be inspected. They initially mistook the cat for a female, but later realized that he was a male.

“Because he was so thin and had previously been neutered, we assumed the cat was a girl.”

Everyone assumed that his previous owners had abandoned him when they moved away. They abandoned him outside, leaving him to fend for himself. That’s why he looked so frail, with matted fur and bare places on his body.

On his forehead, he had a hairless patch that extended to one eye. The vets also discovered a bloated area of his body that only allowed one of his eyes to open halfway. “The abscess on his forehead was examined. We started him on antibiotics right away.”

Jaina and Ivy, both CSB volunteers, named the cat Valentino and assisted him in his recovery.

“All he wanted to do was give everyone an update and let them know he’s doing fine.” The antibiotics are working well for him. The inflammation is almost completely gone. He’s gaining weight and strengthening his muscles. He’s regrown some fresh hair.”

They were simply taken aback by the cat’s transformation over the course of a few weeks. He began to build a close attachment with his rescuers as soon as he began to recuperate. “His demeanor shifted to, “I love you, people!” Every time we lift him up, he starts pressing his face on ours and sincerely thanking us. He also likes to give kisses, so he will kiss the bridge of my nose. “He’s a lover,” Jaina stated emphatically.

Valentino expresses his gratitude to his adoptive mother by snuggling up with her whenever he can.

“Obviously, we’re busy, so we’ve got a lot of other cats to look after.” As a result, Valentino will be on the lookout for a place to call home. It’ll have to be, certainly, the ideal residence for him. Someone who is frequently at home and spends a lot of time with him will be able to hold him for long periods of time. He’ll be ecstatic to be with someone who will give him his undivided attention.”

Watch the rescue in the video below:

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This poor abandoned cat can’t get enough of this with her new mom… Watch the video to see the loevely moments…
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