Kittens roam freely at this Canadian bookstore, and customers may even… Watch the photos and read here to find out more…

Your first reaction when thinking about adopting an adorable little kitten is definitely to go to an animal shelter. Have you ever considered going to…a bookstore?

Otis and Clementine’s Books and Coffee is a bookstore and coffee shop. A bookstore outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, took a novel approach to persuading people to adopt rescue kittens. The bookstore’s approach was inspired by a true story. On your visit, when you’re browsing for a decent book to read or sipping on a cup of coffee, you’ll notice something exceedingly unusual…unusually lovely, to be precise!

Kittens, and there are a lot of them! Playing with the books and taking a nap amid them. Perhaps even sneaking a peak at Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat while no one is looking is a good idea. Even better, you will have the option to adopt any of the cats in the bookshop and bring them to a new and permanent home with your family. Cats, coffee, and reading are some of my favorite things. What more could you possibly require?

Ellen Helmke, the bookstore’s owner, told Narcity that there are normally numerous kittens and “probably a mom cat as well” at the shop at any one time. The bookshop kittens aren’t simply stray cats brought in from the cold; they’re also brought in by the South Paw Conservation Nova Scotia rescue organization.

If you do decide to go to Upper Tantallon and visit Otis & Clementine’s and see a feline buddy you fall in love with, you must act quickly. “All of the kittens go in and out quite rapidly because they get adopted,” Helmke said.

Adopting these babies, on the other hand, isn’t as simple as scooping them up and walking out the door. South Paw Conservation handles everything, and adopting a cat costs 255 Canadian dollars (or 194 US dollars). Everything is covered by the adoption fee, including any medical fees. Future pet owners must also submit references before taking their new furry buddy home.

The owner of the cattery told Global News that some people come solely to look at the cats, while others stroll in to look at books and learn there are kittens there. “Whatever the case may be, the response has been overwhelmingly positive—after all, who doesn’t like kittens?”

As she went on to say, “We have a one hundred percent adoption rate, which is fantastic.”

“When customers arrive into my office and are shocked to see a kitten they weren’t expecting, I get a kick out of seeing their faces light up. It’s amazing, and it makes me look forward to going to work each day.”

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Kittens roam freely at this Canadian bookstore, and customers may even… Watch the photos and read here to find out more…
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