Jon Snow the cat was labeled as “unadoptable”… Watch the heartbraking video below to know his story…

Thanks to one woman’s goodwill, a fuzzy kitty who was once labeled “unadoptable” now has a forever home and a new life. Jon Snow, a little kitten, was discovered on a dark alleyway in South Korea, suffering from severe health issues. The cat was severely malnourished, dehydrated, and infected with an upper respiratory illness. Little Jon Snow has whisked away to a public kill shelter, where he would spend the rest of his days in a cramped wire cage with a dish of food and a blanket, the feline equivalent of death row.

Rachel Brown, just as all hope seemed to be lost, enquired about the winter-white cat for adoption. She’d been looking for the perfect cat to welcome into her house for weeks.

She observed how weary and depressed Jon Snow was when she finally met him, but she knew she had finally found the right kitty.

Brown told Inside Edition, “As soon as I saw him, my heart jumped and then sunk.” “I fell in love with him right away, although he appeared sick and sad.”

Brown remarked that she couldn’t get him out of her thoughts the moment she saw him. Despite the fact that the shelter personnel informed her the cat would not survive, she was determined to take him home.

She completed all of the documentation necessary for the release of her new four-legged companion and hurried him to an emergency veterinary facility.

Brown added, “I believe Jon realized he had been saved when I took him out of the shelter.” “He wanted to keep me in his sight while we were riding the trains to the vet; if he couldn’t see me through the mesh, he’d meow.”

Brown was told by the medics when they arrived at the vet that Jon had little chance of survival. They determined he had the coronavirus, which is typically deadly and incurable, according to Brown.

“I couldn’t abandon him,” she explained.

After being placed on an IV drip on the third day of his stay, the cat began to eat regularly. He gained an unexpected burst of energy and began to play to his heart’s content. Jon Snow was actually better than ever after the fifth day.

His blood tests came back entirely normal when the doctors pulled him off the IV. The curious cat is now content, following his new owner about the home and sleeping happily on a variety of pillows.

Brown added, “He is the happiest kitty, and that makes me so happy.”

Check out Jon’s story on video here:

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Jon Snow the cat was labeled as “unadoptable”… Watch the heartbraking video below to know his story…
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