A cat adores acting as a “dad” to every rescue kitten he meets… Read on this amazing story here…

Charlie and his three brothers were left abandoned in a locked box at a campground when they were only a few days old. The newborn kittens had no chance of getting away on one of the hottest days of the summer. They were rescued before it was too late, and after finding no sign of their mother, they were transported to a nearby foster home.

The kittens had to be bottle-fed 24 hours a day, and despite a rough start, they eventually became stronger and thrived. With the exception of Charlie, when they were old enough to be adopted, they were all adopted one by one.

When no one else seemed to be interested in Charlie, the kittens’ foster mother approached her daughter and wondered if she would be interested in adopting him. She accepted the idea instantly, and the two have been together ever since.

In an interview with The Dodo, Charlie’s mother Chandler Alteri said of her cat: “He’s the most loving, trusting, friendliest cat I’ve ever encountered.” In the moment I go through the door from work, he runs to the door and stands on his back legs, waiting for me to pick him up and hug him,” says the owner. He likes being caressed and cuddled by his caregivers. He gets along well with children, dogs, strangers, and, most importantly, with other kittens and cats,” says the owner.

Alteri, like her mother, opted to try fostering since it was something she’d always wanted to do. She contacted the ASPCA and adopted Bitsy and Jitterbug, her first two foster kittens. She first kept the kittens in the bathroom since she wasn’t sure how Charlie would react to their sharing his space. But, as it turned out, she didn’t have anything to worry about.

Alteri stated, “He couldn’t wait to come inside and meet them.” “When I finally allowed him into the bathroom, he immediately began cleaning the kittens.” I watched as he looked after them and helped them come out of their shells for weeks. That was the first time I’d ever seen anything like that. They were cautious at first, but as they came to love Charlie and Charlie grew to love me, they gained confidence in me.”

After receiving Charlie’s help and support, Bitsy and Jitterbug were well on their way to finding permanent homes, and Alteri recognized that she and Charlie had discovered their true calling. Charlie has treated each of the 25 kittens they’ve fostered as if they were his own, and he has shown them the same love and care.

According to Alteri, Charlie enjoys giving the kittens a bath and cuddling with them. In the words of the woman, ”He enjoys playing hide-and-seek with his friends as well. His strategy is to go into hiding someplace in the flat and meow, then come out and pounce over them as soon as they arrive! It’s really funny!”

While many people are surprised by Charlie’s behavior since he is a male cat, his paternal instincts kick in whenever he sees a new little foster kitten in need of love and care, and he quickly establishes himself as the best adoptive father anybody has ever seen. Having Charlie around to assist them in learning and growing is very beneficial to the foster kittens – and makes them more desirable to potential adopters.

In addition, Alteri said that “he is quite protective of our foster kittens.”

In addition to his mother, who is happy to have discovered such a compassionate and understanding best friend in Charlie, Charlie shows enthusiasm and devotion to every foster kitten he meets.

According to Alteri, “He is an incredible treasure,” and “I don’t think there is another cat on the earth who is more valuable than he is.”

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A cat adores acting as a “dad” to every rescue kitten he meets… Read on this amazing story here…
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