These four kittens stuffed in a pillowcase were thrown into a river from a car… Read on to know how they were saved…

David went fishing the other day and ended up catching four kittens instead.

The babies had been crammed inside a pillowcase and flung out the window of a moving automobile, resulting in a bundle of fur sliding down a Mississippi River embankment.

David, who prefers to keep his last name out of the headlines, initially dismissed it as nonsense. If the discarded pillowcase hadn’t begun to move, he could have simply ignored what he saw, shrugging and returning to his fishing.

“We’ve been so moved by this story,” Kelly Sackmaster, cat director at the Winona Area Humane Society, said after David brought the kittens in.

He told the shelter that he was out on his boat on Monday, waiting for bites along Prairie Island, when he noticed the car in question. As it flew away, David approached and untied the pillowcase, revealing two buff tabbies and two black torties, whom he scooped up and brought home.

“He’s a fantastic person,” Sackmaster said, “and they’re the nicest angels.” “They’re incredibly kind and affectionate. They’re around six weeks old and aren’t old enough to understand what occurred.”

The Daily News was unable to reach David by phone on Friday, but the Humane Society has shared his tale on Facebook, along with images of the rescued kittens.

Sack master went on to say that abandonments like this one are regular and that the Humane Society encounters a “weird, distinctive, and poignant story… usually once a month.”

There were six occasions in September alone, she noted, where individuals simply left a cat outside the shelter.

The frequency of these abandonments, she explained, adds to the story’s poignancy.

David cleaned and fed the kittens after bringing them home, and he saved money to aid with any medical operations they might require.

It’s a miracle the kittens weren’t hurt in the fall, according to Sackmaster. They’re absolutely normal and healthy, except for minor flea and tick issues, tumbling around, batting at tails, and meowing high and softly when they want attention.

People will be able to adopt the kittens that were thrown away in only a few weeks, assuming everything goes according to plan, according to Sackmaster.

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These four kittens stuffed in a pillowcase were thrown into a river from a car… Read on to know how they were saved…
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