The owner of this cutie gave him to a shelter for a reason, but it turned out to be… Check out the photos to know his story…

Jacque has always been and will always be a Velcro-kitten.

Jacque adores cuddling and would give anything to be able to curl up in the warm lap of someone he cares about.

For many of us, having an adoring cat shower us in affection sounds like a dream, but Jacque’s family did not share our sentiments.

Jacque was surrendered to the Michigan Cat Rescue shelter when he was three years old because his owner had gotten tired of his friendly attitude.

Jacque’s owner expressed her dissatisfaction with Jacque’s constant requests for attention and cuddles.

She didn’t want to offer him the affection he sought, so she chose to abandon him.

Jacque was saddened and perplexed by the prospect of losing his family and home, but he made the best of his new position and immediately charmed everyone at the rescue facility.

Nobody could stand up to Jacque’s gentle demeanor and warm embrace.

The staff at Michigan Cat Rescue was well aware that they needed to find Jacque the ideal home.

He deserved a family that actually cared for him and saw his antics as endearing rather than clingy.

They realized there are plenty of individuals in the world who understand the value of a small “lap cat” and would treasure the opportunity to have someone as kind and cuddly as Jacque in their lives.

To assist Jacque in finding his ideal home, the shelter posted a photo of him on Facebook and highlighted the harsh reason for his rejection by his previous family.

Thousands of people liked or commented on Jacques’ post, and everyone wished him luck in his search for his happily ever after.

Despite the fact that Jacque won the hearts of thousands, only one family was chosen to adopt him.

Liz believed Jacque was destined to be a part of her family after seeing her online, and she and her family received the good news that Jacque would be joining their happy little household just a few weeks after applying.

When Jacque first met his new family, he appeared to know right away that he belonged with them. He snuggled close to his new daddy and exuded love and joy.

And his new family was more than glad to return his affection and provide him with as many cuddles as he desired.

Jacque is now living happily with his new mommy Liz and the rest of his wonderful new family.

He’s now accepted for the loving cat that he is, and he’ll never be ashamed to seek love and affection again.

“He is a wonderful kitty who deserved the perfect home and a second opportunity,” a Michigan Cat Rescue volunteer said.

Jacque will never have to feel like a burden or clingy again.

Liz enjoys him curling up in her lap, and the rest of the family enjoys spoiling him and making him happy.

Jacque has finally found his rightful home, and he will be surrounded by love and snuggles for the rest of his life.

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The owner of this cutie gave him to a shelter for a reason, but it turned out to be… Check out the photos to know his story…
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