VIDEO: A photographer captures a once-in-a-lifetime encounter between a grizzly and a wolf… Watch below…

Taking a “once in a lifetime” shot is like winning the lotto for any photographer. Even when they have a meticulous strategy in place to shoot that shot, not everyone has that luck. Seth Royal Kroft, a Montana tourist and photographer, seized the opportunity to capture such photos. Go on  scrolling down!

Seth Royal Kroft was born and raised in Montana. He wants to spend as much time as possible in the mountains. Any animal that the photographer comes across is photographed.

Seth had been focusing on the “wildlife” lens until lately.” And one of his most well-known pieces to date is a close encounter between a grizzly and a wolf. On the riverside of Yellowstone National Park, these wonderful moments were captured.

Seth went to visit the area after hearing that a grizzly bear had killed a huge bull elk in the park (by drowning it and dragging it to the riverside).

But there’s something more interesting approaching his lens. After smelling the enormous decomposing carcass, a grey wolf stepped out of the bushes. As a result, the photographer was able to capture some of his most iconic scenes.

He was approaching a wolf for the first time. “It was a thrilling experience.” I’ve seen black bears while camping a few times over the years, but they’re usually harmless in most scenarios. I’ve only seen grizzly bears a few of times, and only in Yellowstone National Park. All of this is to indicate that I will continue to hike in bear area with bear spray” he said.

Seth had to glimpse the grey wolf through the low-lying river fog since he emerged while it was still a bit dark. Throughout the following several hours, he kept leaving and then returning.

The grizzly bear afterwards saw the intruder as well, but he didn’t seem to mind. “As huge as it was, the grizzly recognized that a lone wolf posed no danger. The wolf seemed to be naughty and playful. It was as if it were a game. It would cautiously approach the elk body, getting within inches of it before the bear stirred slightly and sending the wolf fleeing.”

Watch the video below:

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VIDEO: A photographer captures a once-in-a-lifetime encounter between a grizzly and a wolf… Watch below…
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