A woman wakes up to find a random cat lying in her bed, as if nothing has happened… Read on about this funny story here…

One of life’s best pleasures is waking up next to a gorgeous kitty.

At the very least, if you have a cat. And when the cat you wake up next to is the same cat you slept with the night before.

Otherwise, it’s more of a humorous prank from life. As Jacey Jonnson discovered when she awoke to find a weird kitty staring at her, she was both amused and perplexed.

Jonnson, who lives in Canterbury, England, is the mother of one adorable kitten and the foster mother of two more.

Because two of the cats are black and white, she assumed it was one of them when she awoke one morning to find a black and white cat in her bed.

She discovered the little animal next to her wasn’t one of her cats after shaking off the final vestiges of sleep.

It was a small stranger who had crept into her room and taken up residence in her bed.

Jonnson was understandably taken aback when he awoke next to an unfamiliar cat.

Meanwhile, the small cat was laying on a pillow, gazing at her nonchalantly as if it were the most normal thing in the world for him to be there.

Jonnson was initially perplexed as to who the small cat was and where he’d come from, but she quickly realized that she recognized him.

She remembers seeing him around her apartment complex on multiple occasions.

Jonnson christened the little cat “Flearoy,” but his real name is “Felix,” and he had visited several of her neighbors and welcomed himself into their homes.

He was clearly a gregarious and inquisitive kitten.

Jonnson took the cat outside after solving the mystery.

Felix, on the other hand, kept returning inside through the cat flap. He wasn’t in a hurry to return home just yet.

Jonnson then took to Facebook in the hopes of locating his owner, and her post has now received hundreds of shares, likes, and comments.

People are ecstatic about the amusing circumstance and have had a nice chuckle as a result of it.

The letter also reached Felix’s owners, who arrived to collect their intrepid feline.

His family claims that he and his brother are both tiny explorers who frequently embark on long and thrilling journeys.

Felix made himself at home in Jonnson’s house while waiting for his family to pick him up, even helping himself to some toilet water.

Felix isn’t the only stray cat Jonnson has encountered; once, she had up to six cats get into her home through the cat flap in one day.

Jonnson said that cats regularly sneak in while it’s raining and that she may need to modify her cat flap to one that’s microchip sensitive.

That does sound like a good concept, but we’d also like to hear some more humorous anecdotes like this one.

Felix is currently safe and well at home, but we’re sure he’ll soon be off on new and wacky adventures.

For those of us who have fallen in love with Felix, his family has created an Instagram account for him, where we can get all of the cute Felix-content we could possibly want.

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A woman wakes up to find a random cat lying in her bed, as if nothing has happened… Read on about this funny story here…
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