VIDEO: A clever street cat adopts orphaned kittens after following a woman who feeds her…

Charli Sotiriou is a Greek woman who enjoys volunteering to feed stray cats in her neighborhood.

One of the cats started after her vehicle as she drove away one day after dropping off some food, rushing as quickly as she could to be with her.

For years, Charli had been feeding the neighborhood’s stray cats, but this was the first time one of them attempted to accompany her home. “It’s like she knew, there’s my car, that’s my human, I’m heading that way, I know she lives down there!” she said.

When Charli got out of her car, she saw that the stray cat was quite sociable, which is rare for a stray, so she decided to take her home and provide her all the care and affection she need. Annie was the name she chose for her.

Charli is an animal lover who already runs The Arc Animal Refuge, a tiny yet amazing sanctuary on her property. Even though she was very busy, she couldn’t say no when she received a phone call about three baby kittens in need of a home.
This kind stray sensed her calling when she introduced them to Annie. She was quite curious in the newcomers, happy to serve and assist them.

Her maternal instincts kicked in, and she made the decision to care for the orphaned kittens on her own.

She would take the kittens to Charli to be bottle-fed one by one, despite the fact that she had no milk of her own. For them, she’d assumed the role of mother and guardian.

Annie has gained a new lease on life by caring for the kittens, and she has grown more lively, a far cry from her past on the streets.

To see this amazing kitten in action, watch the video below:

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VIDEO: A clever street cat adopts orphaned kittens after following a woman who feeds her…
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