This little kitty was thrown into a trash to die… Read on to know her story…

Bennett Dillon, a police officer in Bloomington, was patrolling the streets when he observed something moving in a mound of trash a week ago. When he approached the mound with caution and began sifting through it, a little kitten appeared from beneath it. The kitten, it turns out, was placed in a plastic bag and discarded. The poor girl was bleeding profusely from his ears and eyes, and it didn’t appear that she would survive.

Dillon rushed the kitten to his car, dialed a veterinarian, and drove it to the Arlington Heights Veterinary Hospital. Even the hospital’s vets weren’t confident the kitten would live because it was infested with parasites and fleas, and it had a fractured limb. The first 24 hours are essential, according to Dr. Miller, who examined the kitten. If the kitten survives a full day, its prospects of having a normal life are good.

Lennie the kitten’s condition deteriorated during the next three days. She had to be force-fed every couple of hours and was given powerful medications. Lennie had won the hearts of the whole medical staff, and after a few more days, she was finally up and walking! Of course, Dr. Miller kept Dillon updated on Lennie’s condition several times a day, and the Deputy was relieved to see the kitty survive.

After a while, Lennie relaxed and revealed her true self as a strong, yet adorable kitten who loves to play like any other cat. Lennie’s leg is in a cast, but it doesn’t stop her from running around and playing all the time. Lennie is currently being fostered by one of Dillon’s coworkers, and the entire police department adores him.

Even though its odds of survival were slim, the cat never quit struggling. We’re thrilled officer Dillon found Lennie and gave her a second chance at life, and we’re also glad to see her back on her feet.

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This little kitty was thrown into a trash to die… Read on to know her story…
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