A newborn chimp cuddles plush monkey after being rejected by his mom… Watch the photos here…

Mothers do leave their children from time to time. Djibril, the infant chimp, had the misfortune of being abandoned many hours after his birth. But, apart from a child’s mother’s love, what else is more vital to a child?

Kila, the mother chimp, was unable to provide for Djibril and abandoned him in a zoo in Malaga, Spain. Instead, he sought solace in a stuffed monkey produced for him by zookeepers to give him something they could never provide him.

The orphaned animal’s story quickly went viral on the internet. It has warmed the hearts of tens of thousands of people.

Keepers wanted to locate a mother who would adopt Djibril and nurture him as her own. They had to act as stand-in parents for the infant throughout that period.

When the baby chimp thought about how much he was grateful for the keepers, he knew they couldn’t give him what he really needed. With his soft monkey, he always felt like his mother was there.

To make matters even better, Djibril was ultimately reunited with his new mother, Eva, with the assistance of BIOPARK hValencia, an animal park dedicated to caring for animals in a manner that is as near as possible to their natural environment. The park was particularly pleased that the two chimpanzees were able to spend as much time there as they did.

Eva, despite the fact that she had never been a mother, wanted to protect and care for Djibril anyway. Right from the beginning of their relationship, they felt a great connection with one another.

He has been living with his new family for a year and is very content with his life. That is exactly what everyone want for him. Thank you to everyone who came to the help of the infant chimpanzee and helped him have a brighter future.

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A newborn chimp cuddles plush monkey after being rejected by his mom… Watch the photos here…
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