Here are the top 5 most interesting cat stories that will grab your attention…

If you like cats, you’ll enjoy these 5 true cat stories! Everything from a pet lion to an orange tabby who rides the bus. Take a look and tell us which one is your favorite!

1. Eye in the dark

“Daddy, I want a cat,” Norman Reedus’s son said one day to him. When Reedus asked as to why his son simply stated that it was something he desperately wanted. Norman, being the kind parent that he is, searched the city for a decent shelter that had kittens available.

He discovered one and found an excellent black cat, which was totally up his alley. The shelter worker, on the other hand, warned him against the cat, saying it was vicious and would never make a suitable pet. Norman only needed to hear that. He said, “I’ll take that one.”

When he rests on Reedus’s black floor, the gorgeous black cat has grown into a giant ball of love, and he is fittingly named for his capacity to transform into nothing more than eyes in the dark.

2. Christian the Lion

In 1969, John Rendall and Anthony “Ace” Bourke adopted Christian, a lion cub that was born in captivity. Christian was nurtured by the two men to be a loving, playful lion, but when he grew too big to be kept in captivity, they released him into the wild so he could be a genuine lion.

After a few years, the two guys went on an excursion to track down Christian and see if he recognized them. Wildlife experts cautioned them not to because the enormous cat would become too wild, yet the exact reverse occurred. Christian the lion suddenly remembered his foster fathers and sprang into their embrace.

3. The Artful Dodger

In his hometown of Bridgeport, UK, this adorable little orange tabby takes the bus every day. Artful is not a stray; he has a home. However, he enjoys the ride and does it so frequently that all of the drivers are aware of when and where he should be picked up and dropped off. Some even bring toys and cat food in cans for the feline.

4. Samson the Maine Coon

Samson the Maine Coon, just shy of being a true wildcat, is the world’s largest domestic cat, measuring 4 feet long and weighing 28 pounds. He lives in New York City with his owner, who he wakes up by sitting on his chest every morning. Imagine waking up with a huge cat on top of you.

5. IKEA & Cats

This one is definitely insane and uncommon in terms of cat real stories. IKEA recently released 100 cats in their Wembley shop to see which things they favored. Cats are domestic creatures, and they are picky when it comes to comfortable furnishings and homey goods, according to the theory. So they turned them loose and watched what they did. The end effect was adorable.

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Here are the top 5 most interesting cat stories that will grab your attention…
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