You won’t believe what fruit this cat is obsessed with, moreover can’t stop cuddling them… Check out the photos to know…

Strawberry is the fruit of choice for this cat, who has a unique fondness for the sweet treat.

Let us introduce you to Remus, a ten-year-old cat who enjoys eating fruits, particularly strawberries. Carly Cox, Remus’ owner, discovered her cat’s favorite pastime during the spring of this year. She observed that Remus was looking through the goods a lot more than he usually did. It turns out that the curious cat had been drawn to the house by a carton of strawberries.

“I spoke with my sister, a veterinarian, about whether they were appropriate for him to have,” Cox explained. “She said yes, and he couldn’t have been happier when I handed them over to him!” she says.

He, on the other hand, does not care for strawberries and prefers to love and cuddle with them instead. He even nuzzles them and uses them as a pillow when he needs to sleep.

“Remus spends much of his time playing with and snuggling the strawberries,” Cox explained. It is not that he is trying to eat things, but that he is rubbing the skin of his face all over them and throwing the objects around like toys.

Remus used to enjoy playing with his toys and using his activity tunnel before he became hooked with strawberries. However, once he discovered this crimson fruit, he was completely smitten with it.

According to certain scientific investigations, strawberries and catnip are associated in a number of different ways. This substance could be a distant relative of catnip, as they both produce a psychoactive effect on cats. Even while not every cat likes catnip, the chances of encountering a cat who does not enjoy one of the four plants mentioned above are extremely slim.

But, whatever the source of Remus’ strawberry obsession, he can’t seem to get enough of the delicious fruit!

In addition, when he becomes sleepy, he will sleep with the strawberries, according to Cox. The reason for his enthusiasm for them is beyond my comprehension, but I’m grateful to be able to provide him happiness with something so simple!”

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You won’t believe what fruit this cat is obsessed with, moreover can’t stop cuddling them… Check out the photos to know…
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