VIDEO: After seven years, a man reunites with the lions he saved as cubs…

We’ve witnessed several examples of people and animals forming the strongest bonds, even when the species in question are the most dangerous wild animals. Whatever was said or done, one guy did something amazing like that. He was accepted into the pride and given the moniker Lion Whisperer because of his passion for lions. Kevin Richardson has spent almost his entire life among the king of the wild, living with them, learning their behaviors, and seeing how unpredictable they can be in order to better understand and preserve the species.

Kevin spent many years as part of the Lion Park staff in South Africa, where he saw firsthand how difficult life can be in the wild. When a lioness rejected her two newborn cubs, Kevin intervened and took responsibility for the helpless cubs.

He transported the pups to a refuge outside Johannesburg, where they were well-cared for and received all the assistance they needed, and Kevin even gave the lionesses the names Amy and Meg. Meg and Amy grew into fierce predators over time. “Wildlife can be protected via education, outreach, and finance,” Kevin, the sanctuary’s owner, adds.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the increasing extinction of big predators in Africa as a result of habitat degradation, human-predator conflict, and pouching.” Kevin’s aspirations have come true, as time has shown. The greatest indication is that the cubs Kevin rescued are now fully grown adults, seven years later.

Kevin visits the lionesses he saved a visit several years after bringing them to the refuge. He was nervous because he didn’t know if they would remember him. He was, however, proven to be completely incorrect. Wild creatures, it seems, never forget those who have helped them. Meg and Amy didn’t know either. Kevin captured the meeting on his GoPro, and the result is incredibly touching.

Kevin, Amy, and Meg have a rare and beautiful friendship based on respect and love, and watching the gorgeous felines happy is the best reward. “Meg and Amy are sort of my soul mates,” the Lion Whisperer explains in an interview. It is kind of like humans, you can meet many, many people in your life. There are, however, a select few with whom you have a strong bond

Watch their amazing story in the video below:

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VIDEO: After seven years, a man reunites with the lions he saved as cubs…
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