This stray cat asked people to treat him in stores until one beautiful day… Read his full story here…

Millions of cats around the world are homeless.

These kittens and cats are allowed to fend for themselves, and some of them are becoming extremely resourceful in order to survive.

A cunning stray recently set up shop outside a store in Mexico, waiting for the right target.

Tania Sants, who was on her way to do some shopping when she noticed the cute kitty outside the store, was the perfect target for the kitty.

Sants couldn’t help but give the sweet cat a few pats, but she soon realized the kitten was more interested in what was waiting inside the store; the cat led Sants inside, then firmly guided her down a specific aisle, eventually coaxing her to a specific area; the cat food section.

Sants realized the persuasion-savvy cat was pleading with her to purchase him some cat treats.

She obviously couldn’t say no to the sweet little boy, so she purchased him some wonderful snacks.

Sants half-expected to see her new acquaintance loitering outside the shop on her next visit, but he was nowhere to be found.

That is, until she walked into the shop and saw him waiting for her among the cat snacks.

Sants became intrigued by the attractive but demanding kitty and inquired about him with the shopkeepers.

They discovered that the cat had made it a habit of coming in every day and persuading customers to buy him treats before leaving.

Nobody knew where he came from, where he went every day, or if he was a stray or if he had a home.

Sants became concerned about the kitty and decided to find out if he was a stray.

Sants bought him his snacks and then followed him out the door in the dark.

That’s how she discovered the kitty’s “house” was nothing more than an empty plot of land off to the side of the road.

He’d been a wanderer for a long time, with no real home or family, but everything was about to change.

Sants decided to adopt him and bring him home.

Now the lovely kitty has a new mommy, a kitty-sibling, and all the treats he could possibly want, and he couldn’t be more content.

Sants is overjoyed to have him as a member of her family and is determined to shower him with the love and attention he so richly deserves.

Furthermore, the cat has been given the name Conejo and has his own Instagram account with almost 20,000 followers.

Here are some images of Conejo at his new everlasting home, living his dream life.

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This stray cat asked people to treat him in stores until one beautiful day… Read his full story here…
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