Police officers put their lives at danger to save a dog and a cat from a fire… Check out the photos for more details…

Dogs and cats aren’t just animals in the eyes of many people. They are their friends and relatives, and they play an important role in their lives. Moreover, if an accident occurs, they may be just as concerned about their dogs as they would be about any other member of the family.

As a matter of fact, when their house was on fire, that’s exactly what these lads thought about. They were fortunate in that two heroes were present to deal with the situation.

On March 5, a fire broke out in their home in Central Islip, New York, while neither of the parents was present. They were able to get out of the house with the help of two more lads, aged 11 and 13. Unfortunately, their dog and cat were left behind, and the poor boys were at a loss as to how to deal with such a dismal situation in which they found themselves.

They were fortunate in that one of their neighbors called the authorities, and officers from the Suffolk County Police Department were on the scene in less than a minute.

It appeared that the boys were in agony and pain as they informed the police that their cat and dog, a 2-year-old tabby named Tiger and a 2-year-old longhaired chihuahua named JJ, were still inside and asked them to save the creatures. And the officers made the decision to act swiftly and without delay.

After entering the residence through the rear entrance, Rivera and his colleague James Galanos were quick to notice JJ sitting near the sofa, dangerously close to the open flame. They were able to get the dog out safely, but Tiger was a far more difficult scenario to deal with because he was free and quick.

Galanos was the one who went back to the house and found Tiger, who had taken refuge in the basement. After a long period of struggle, he was ultimately successful in removing the recalcitrant boy from the situation.

The dog and the cat were both unharmed, as were the children, whose mother had been out for a short period of time to go shopping in the neighborhood. Firefighters were able to get the blaze under control rather quickly after that.

JJ and Tiger were saved just in time, thanks to the bravery of the police officers and the affection of the guys who helped save them.

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Police officers put their lives at danger to save a dog and a cat from a fire… Check out the photos for more details…
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