On her way to save one kitten, a woman comes across another that is in desperate need of help…

Kelley Lawrence Peters was on her way to do a noble thing when an opportunity to perform another presented itself.

In addition to being the inventor of The Kitty Krusade, also known as Justin, Fire Survivor, Kelley has already dedicated her life to rescuing cats in need.

Kelley was traveling to a shelter in order to take up a kitten who had been wounded and was likely to be put down if not taken in immediately. While she was traveling down the highway, she saw what seemed to be another cat resting still on the side of the roadway.

“I took a double take… pulled over instantly,” she told Love Meow. Sure enough, it’s a 6-8 week old kitten with its eyes closed and lifeless due to an Upper Respiratory Infection.”

She shouted out to her, and the little one managed to raise her head, demonstrating that she still had some fight in her.

Kelley quickly snatched her up and carried her away. She named her Dave in the car since she assumed she was a male at the time.

“I’m not sure how the kitty got onto a highly busy six-lane highway with barrier bars. How come no one came to her help? I’m not sure. But I’m grateful she let me take her to safety.”

Kelley pushed on, picking up Mia, a cat from the shelter with a fractured pelvis, despite the fact that the feline was ill and famished.

The two cats have been placed in the greatest possible care and are on their path to recovery. Kelley rescued Dave and Mia and they are both doing much better and healing from their injuries.

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On her way to save one kitten, a woman comes across another that is in desperate need of help…
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