A woman thought she had adopted a kitten, until it grew up… Check out the photos to know the hilarious story…

We’ve all had our “oops” moments in life, whether it was forgetting to turn off the water before leaving the house, buying a pair of shoes online that turned out to be doll shoes, calling someone the wrong name for an extended period of time, or accidentally using fabric softener instead of detergent for a month.

However, there are “oops” moments and “OOPS” moments, and Florencia Lobo had the latter when a trip to the veterinarian revealed something unexpected concerning the kitten she’d recently adopted.

The tiny kitten she’d rescued after seeing its mother dead was actually a puma, not a stray as she had assumed.

Lobo and her brother found two kittens on the side of the road in Tucuman, Argentina, which started it all.

Lobo and her brother imagined they’d discovered a family of stray domesticated cats since the two kittens were curled up near to their dead mother.

Lobo made the decision to attempt to save the kittens and took them home with her.

The kittens were quite tiny and frail, and one of them regrettably died.

The last kitten was all alone in the world now that both his mother and sister had died.

Except for Lobo, who was adamant about keeping the kitten safe, healthy, and adored.

She christened him “Tito,” and the gorgeous tiny cat grew stronger every day under Lobo’s loving care.

Despite losing his mother at such an early age, Tito was able to survive and develop thanks to Lobo.

Lobo did everything she could to keep her new furbaby well, and she booked a vet appointment for Tito after he had been with her for nearly two months.

The kitten appeared to be in good health, but Lobo thought it would be prudent to get him looked out to ensure that he didn’t have any hidden or underlying abnormalities.

Lobo, on the other hand, was in for a rude awakening.

Tito’s vet told her that he wasn’t a typical home cat when she took him to the clinic.

The vet then connected her with a local wildlife reserve, which confirmed what the vet had suspected: Tito was a cub, not a kitten. To be precise, a puma cub.

Lobo, who had cared for and nurtured the youngster for weeks, was visibly taken aback by the news.

Despite the fact that Jaguarundi pumas grow to be only slightly larger than a “regular” cat, they are still wild animals who belong in the wild.

As a result, Tito was invited to join the reserve and trade his days as a housecat for a life in the wild.

Tito is being well cared for by the workers at the nature reserve, and he will be able to prosper and live a long and happy life in his natural surroundings.

Lobo made a mistake when she mistook Tito for a kitten, but it was a very fortunate error.

Tito is alive now because of her love and care, whether he was a kitten or a cub.

The unfortunate cub might not have survived long if Lobo and her brother hadn’t discovered him.

Tito now has a bright future ahead of him, and Lobo has a fascinating story to tell.

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A woman thought she had adopted a kitten, until it grew up… Check out the photos to know the hilarious story…
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