“Officer of The Year” rescued two little kittens… Check out the photos to know the lovely story…

After being rescued from an unexpected hiding place by the long arm of the law, two small kittens have found a new home.

Officers Hillard and Adkins happened to be walking by when the fluffy siblings were wedged up behind the bumper of a woman’s car, and she requested assistance from them.

They were delighted to be of aid and knelt down to examine the two stowaways.

The woman had no idea how the two stray kittens had gotten into her vehicle.

Adkins leaned inside and carefully lifted the kittens out.

The kittens were meowing loudly, but they didn’t appear to be in any danger.

Adkins had recently been awarded the South District Officer of the Year Award, which was a significant honor.

He’d gotten to carry home a magnificent prize at the moment.

He was about to bring something even more treasured home with him: two little kittens.

Adkins first took the siblings to the vet to make sure they were in good health.

It was critical to get them thoroughly examined because they were plainly very little.

The kittens never stopped cuddling with Adkins on the way to the clinic.

Adkins bottle-fed the ravenous duo at the vet’s office, where he discovered they were just 6 weeks old.

Adkins was unable to abandon the pair at this point. They’d snuck their way into his heart, and he wasn’t about to let them go.

Adkins was allowed to take the kittens home when the vet convinced him that they were healthy.

When it came to naming his new family members, Adkins came up with a brilliant idea: TJ and Max.

Because the only reason Adkins was strolling past the car that day was that he was investigating a shoplifting complaint at a nearby business called – you got it – TJ Maxx!

The three met while shoplifting, but all three of these cuties have stolen our hearts.

The cuddly duo now lives with Adkins and his family, where they are finally protected and secure.

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“Officer of The Year” rescued two little kittens… Check out the photos to know the lovely story…
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