15+ horribly annoying moments with cats that we, however, cannot stay mad at… Check out the photos for some fun…

Anyone who has ever owned a cat, known someone who owns a cat, or even been near a cat knows that the seemingly cute furry balls of entertainment can be quite the handful!

Cats have a way of melting our hearts with their little smooshy faces, in voice increasing louder in pitch and less understandable, whether they’re ripping your vital things up, sitting in the most inconvenient spot conceivable, or puking fur-balls! So here are 20 of the most cunning feline criminals who have been caught red-pawed. Here we go!

1. Master shredder

More fool you if you’re going to make such a novice mistake as leaving what appears to be toilet paper in a reachable location! I adore the cat’s relaxed pose, which says, ‘What?’ Sandra, it’s almost as if you don’t value my aesthetic viewpoint!’

2. Error code: cat

I’ve always wondered what it is about sitting on laptops that cats find so enticing. Is it because they’re nice and toasty? Nah, it’s probably simply because it’s a huge pain in the neck!

3. Personal space isn’t a thing

Cats have no concept of “alone time,” and they can sneak up on you when you’re least expecting it! What a way to get caught without your pants on!

4. Simply eat around it…

This is cat heaven, why would you leave it open like that with boxes and food that isn’t theirs?! What did you expect, Cindy? You might as well have covered it with catinp! To be honest, I’d still eat it… Please don’t pass judgment on me!

5. Ew

On paper, kittens are supposed to be cute little stress-relieving balls of fluff; yet, this cat appears to be doing nothing but poops… Quite a bit for such a small kitty!

6. 9 out of 10 dentists agree this is disgusting

I like how the cat is staring at the murder scene and attempting to appear as if it has no idea what’s going on! This cat is a mastermind of evil… or simply a moron.

7. The trick with the slipper in the toilet

“Putting someone’s slipper in the toilet is a classic trick! Who hasn’t experienced anything similar? I really hope the water was safe to drink!”

8. Technical support

I don’t believe Pebbles (yep, that’s the true name of the cat in the photo; you’re welcome) loves your powerpoint; perhaps try adding some fancy transitions to make it shine a little more!

9. You won’t be able to make an omelet…

But take a look at that adorable pink nose! You do you cat, if she wants to sit on the eggs, she can sit on the eggs.

10. “Did you call me? I’m here”

With two cats in the house, one of whom appears to be an insane gymnast, how did you think that was a smart idea? Well, I suppose you don’t need to install a cat flap any longer, so there’s that!

11. Horticature

Beverley wins the honor for the most laidback, unconcerned cat on the list! There was no name for this one, so I decided to name it, and it is unmistakably a Beverley… If you can think of anything else that fits better, please try to persuade me!.

12. “Is this your drink?”

See, this one now appears to be aware that it has done something bad but is unsure of what it is… Maybe it’s because you’ve got your paws in the coffee!

13. “For a better view, my cat ripped out the blinds in the window.”

That cat has done some excellent trimming work! Most cats would have ripped down all the stinkin’ blinds if it hadn’t merely ripped off the end!

14. The pas pie

Look, if Tom and Jerry are any indications, cats adore pies, especially when they’re cooling on a windowsill; it appears that this kitty was simply marking it for later!

15. When you’ve completed the puzzle…

Cats are chaos agents who are unconcerned with such trifling conceptions of morality that guide humanity’s journey. I don’t think you’ll be able to get out of this one by pretending to be asleep, mister; you’re in serious danger!

16. Moral support

It’s great to watch this feline master providing moral support to his human servant… Not with a bang, but with cats enforcing labor regulations, this is how the world ends.

17. “This chair has been a part of my life for the past eight years. In just three months, she transformed it into this.”

Sure, but how are you supposed to stay angry at that face? Don’t be so ungrateful when your prized belongings are damaged, ugh! She was probably only trying to make it more comfortable for you.

18. This is why nice things aren’t possible

Regardless of how much you spend on your cats, whether it’s a small toy or a scratching post with a gold finish, you can bet they’ll have more fun with the box it arrives in than the item itself! It’s just a natural phenomenon… and flat-pack furniture.

So there were at least 15 kitties we couldn’t stand… at least not for long! Have you ever had any nightmares about claw-wielding furballs?

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15+ horribly annoying moments with cats that we, however, cannot stay mad at… Check out the photos for some fun…
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