A volunteer photographer noticed a dog living his final days and… Check out the photos to know a blind dog’s story here…

Marshmallow and his doggie family were rescued from an exceedingly neglectful environment in Hungary and brought to Animal Care Austria’s Hungarian dog rescue center. The abandoned animal was evaluated by ACA’s volunteer veterinarians and was found to have significant heart problems and was on the verge of death. He was also found to be entirely blind, which added to his poor health.

Marshmallow’s neglectful Hungary home

We can’t image a blind dog struggling to locate food and water among the rubbish piles he was living in, only to be forced to fight over it with the other stray dogs in the pack for the rest of his life! Then to finish it all by lying on the hard floor of a shelter, waiting for his death, would be awful. Marshmallow was deserving of love and affection!

Marshmallow is in the animal shelter, surrounded by his doggy family, waiting for his end.

So a volunteer photographer had no choice but to take the unfortunately abandoned puppy home and show him what love is, in the hopes of saving his life. And we were fortunate! Despite the fact that Marshmallow was on the point of death and his days were numbered, the amazing veterinarians at Tierarzt am Spittelberg was able to save his life with their special emergency treatment and unending love and care.

Animal Care Austria’s volunteer vet team checked him in the shelter and confirmed his serious condition.

On our drive home from the shelter, Marshmallow and I

Marshmallow’s recuperation took months, and he didn’t get much sleep during that time, but it was all worth it as he grew stronger and more active every day.

With the help of ankle bells and Aida, my other Animal Care Austria rescue from Hungary who became his guiding dog, this wonderful puppy soon learned about his new environment and life and was able to start enjoying it!

Marshmallow received one of his numerous infusion treatments at the Tierarzt am Spittelberg veterinary clinic.

Marshmallow learning about the good life!

Marshmallow is now the happiest dog in the pack, and he’s full of energy and love! He is named Marshmallow because he is the sweetest and fluffiest thing. He enjoys leading the way on walks, even if he can’t see where he’s going, napping on comfortable beds, and getting belly massages! Who can say no to stroking that soft, fluffy belly?

Marshmallow is having a great time doing his favorite thing in the world.

Finally enjoying soft beds

His previous life left huge scars, both physically (his few completely broken teeth are a result of trying to get food through difficult means, such as throwing away food cans he could find in the trash piles he was living in and the permanent heart damage he suffers from due to an untreated tick-related illness he had) and mentally, though we overcame so mammoth.

Life can be so wonderful

Each day, Marshmallow not only became healthier and happy, but he also became more and more attractive!

He can hear our footsteps and hears our conversations and follows us around!

Marshmallow was adopted by the most perfect and loving family about two years ago. He adores his human siblings with all of his heart, and they adore him as well.

He had to have both of his eyes removed after that, but it didn’t matter because he was blind. His heart is doing so a lot better now that he gets special food cooked for him per his veterinarian’s directions!
They also stated that he is lot calmer now, so I assume he has recovered from his prior tribulations.

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A volunteer photographer noticed a dog living his final days and… Check out the photos to know a blind dog’s story here…
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