This kitty who lost both eyes is trying her best to live a normal life… Check out her touching story…

Jovi was taken to a nearby veterinary office by a guy who discovered her with her eyes burst, most likely owing to untreated infection or trauma.

Two of the vet techs at that practice offered to cover the cost of her surgery and medical treatment if Pet Helpers could foster her and find her a suitable Forever Home.

“She received bilateral enucleation, surgical removal of both eyes, and recovered well enough to come to foster with me.” Mim, her foster mother, says. “She was discharged with liquid pain medication and a liquid oral antibiotic twice daily.”

“Because I had never fostered a blind animal before, I was a little concerned about my ability to offer her with proper care. I’ve taken in a few with medical difficulties, such as one eye, one ear, pelvic/hip surgery, severe Demodex mange, and a gunshot wound… Sadly, the list goes on, but there will never be a blind furbaby.”

“From the beginning, this little kitty has wowed me!” She takes cautious, careful steps, sensing her surroundings with her feet as well as her whiskers. She is a little champion when it comes to using her litterbox, eating, and drinking water.”

“I knew she wouldn’t be able to see or jump up to the second story to take advantage of her extra space, so I made a ramp for her out of a corrugated scratching board.” She had mastered going up the ramp in less than 24 hours. I would converse with her while walking her down the ramp, and after only three attempts, she had perfected the down technique. She can now confidently walk up and down the ramp. She only started playing with toys two days ago, and all of them are “noise” toys, meaning they have bells or jingles so she can discover them.”

“On each floor, Jovi has inspected her entire crate from one corner to the last.” She lives in a foster home with numerous other dogs and cats and has no fear of any of them. In fact, they all seem to recognize her as a particular little girl, licking her and being very loving with her.”

“With a blind animal, consistency is crucial. In Jovi’s crate, the litterbox, food, and water dishes are always in the same place. It will be vital to keep roads clear for her to maneuver and remember as she matures and is permitted to travel freely. Of course, she should never be outside without a harness, and the outside world could be too much for her…only time will tell.”

“Jovi is a lovely soul, and I am honored to be her foster mother.”

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This kitty who lost both eyes is trying her best to live a normal life… Check out her touching story…
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