Love brought this tiny kitty, who had 1% chance to live, back to life… Check out the photos to know how…

When this unconscious stray cat was brought back to life, it was nothing short of a miracle. Nobody expected this stray rescue to make it through the first night, but then love came along and changed everything.

Midna Love, the miracle kitty, here!

A wild cat colony caretaker contacted Max Louie of 808 Animal Rescue about a stray she had discovered laying motionless on the ground.

“At approximately midnight, we received a report that a seriously ill kitten was being brought to the vet ER,” Max Louie explained. Her heart stopped shortly after she arrived. She was brought back to life by the vet, and she was put on life support right away, with a staff member by her side at all times.

This infant, who is just 4-6 months old, is a warrior!”

They were concerned that Midna might not live to see another day. Another vet indicated that she had a 1% chance of recovering to the point where she could leave the emergency room. The cost of just trying to save her life is estimated to be between $7,000 and $10,000.

We decided to give this baby a chance to make her own decisions by doing everything we could on our end. We requested life support, blood transfusions from a donor cat, antibiotics, vitamins, water, and continuous monitoring for at least 24 hours. We prayed for her safety and happiness all night.”

Max went to see how the cat was doing. “I petted her because she was just lying there unconscious.” Her eyes opened for a little minute after I did that. “I knew then that the cat was still fighting and that she was going to be fine,” Louie explained.

Later that night, they made sure Midna had the medical attention she required, as well as a lot of affection, to aid her recovery. Her condition had much improved the next day. Midna blinked open her eyes and even began eating on her own.

Midna was back to her former self on the third day. “We were able to see her fully awake and get to know her personality–she is the kindest, most friendly, and loving feline we’ve ever met.”

On day 5, the kitten with a less-than-1% chance of leaving the hospital went home with Max and his wife.

“Midna Love was the name given to this baby after a fictional character who died and returned to life to teach the living. Midna is a lovely, vivacious miracle today, and she lives up to her name! You’d never guess she had a health problem when she was younger. She’s been regaining her healthy weight and becoming more at ease with her humans over the previous few weeks.
We are extremely fortunate to have discovered her at the time we did.”

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Love brought this tiny kitty, who had 1% chance to live, back to life… Check out the photos to know how…
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