It is hard to believe what this cat was covered when rescued and how… Watch the video to know…

The wickedness of humans knows no bounds, to say the least. In this particular instance, the casualty was a cat trapped in concrete, who was extremely fortunate to have survived without suffering any long-term consequences.

Bristol, England serves as the setting for the entire drama. It all started when Faye Richards awoke to find a surprise on her front doorstep one morning. When she got close enough to the object, which appeared to be a ball of packing tape, she was absolutely taken aback and surprised.

What appeared to be a brown “thing” was actually a cat that had been completely encased in concrete. The concrete had set on the unfortunate cat’s face and back, and the poor creature was in excruciating pain as a result.

The poor cat was shivering and freezing, but he didn’t put up any resistance when she picked him up.

As a cat owner herself, Faye knew she needed to act quickly and took her cat to the local veterinarian as soon as she saw what was happening. The sad baby was ultimately taken care of at The Vet Bristol, where his fur was entirely shaved off.

He was unable to open his eyes due to the concrete that had dried on his face after it had been exposed to the elements. Because there was some concrete residue in both of them, they needed to be flushed thoroughly. The two-year-old cat was fortunate enough not to have inhaled any of the cement dust, and as a result, he did not have any respiratory complications.

Many people claimed to be Grant’s owners, but, strangely enough, none of them had any evidence to back up their claims.

Adam Sheridan was the one person, though, who wanted to shower all of ‘Grant’ with love and affection, and he was the doctor who cared for him.

Watch the video here:

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It is hard to believe what this cat was covered when rescued and how… Watch the video to know…
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