This poor adorable mama kitty can’t stop smiling when… Check out the photos to know why…

You’d never guess this gorgeous mama kitten was afraid when she and her little son were brought to Ashley’s Kitten Academy by looking at her now. It wasn’t long before she was dubbed Scarlet, and her kitten was dubbed Scout, but they soon noticed this poor mama wasn’t doing well.

Scarlet has a lovely face that belies the reality that she was suffering from a high temperature and an infected abscess, most likely caused by a cat bite. Scarlet, like many others, seemed to just go on with things. Ashley Morrison, the founder of Ashley’s Kitten Academy in Seattle, Washington, who has a lot of experience fostering kittens, believed Scarlet would feel better soon. Scarlet’s appetite was rapidly restored after a round of antibiotics.

Scarlet, however, required more than just “meowtainance.” Ashley noticed Scarlet was missing two upper canine teeth at one time! Nobody knows why this happened, but it didn’t seem to bother her in the least.

She also has one of the sweetest tongue blips you’ll ever see!

Scout was a tiny little thing. When he and his mother arrived, he was just a few days old. It’s unusual for a mama cat to bring only one kitten in, according to Ashley. “This young child is going to get so spoilt,” it was abundantly evident. What a beautiful idea.

It’s wonderful to know that there are folks like this out there. And, of course, Ashley was smitten by this cute tot. Who wouldn’t like him because he’s so adorable?

Scout soon realized he was protected, and he became just as loving as his mother. He was a bit stum-bumbly to begin with, being 100 % kitten. But, because of his mother’s superb care, he gained a pound by the time he was three weeks old.

They quickly realized they were in a good spot. Scarlet’s wound healed, and she began to show her playful side.

Both were having such much fun playing, especially Scout, the hyperactive younger one, that it was evident they needed more space. As a result, Ashley provided the two of them with a bigger room.

Scarlet hid at first, shy. She couldn’t help but accompany her kid as he pummeled toys around the room. They were soon sprinting, leaping, and having joy in their new digs.

She made the decision to install a camera in the room. And as soon as she did, she could see Scarlet flinging her toys around the room, enraged with a nasty case of the zoomies. She’d then return to the bed and divide the toys with Scout.

But as Ashley got to know this beautiful mother and boy better, it became clear that they had a strong bond. Scarlet and Scout weren’t just mother and son. They are the best pals as well. So the news that Ashley had found someone who wanted to adopt them both was truly lucky. They currently live with their mother, Naiya, in their forever home. It’s uncommon that good news is as wonderful as this!

Aren’t they lovely? And, at the same time, wonderfully silly? Scout and her mother, Scarlet, appear to be in love, as though they’ve realized they’ve found their lifelong home.

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This poor adorable mama kitty can’t stop smiling when… Check out the photos to know why…
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