This cat is named duck for a sad reason and is very adorable… Watch her video below to see why…

Duck, the kitten, is a double amputee rescue who is extremely remarkable in his adaptation and passion for life. She goes by the handle “purrasicduck” on Instagram because she resembles a waddling T-rex with strong and fearless resolve.

She’s also been dubbed a “fluffy velociraptor,” as she can easily move around on two legs.

She tragically lost both of her front legs after crawling into an automobile engine. She was rescued and placed in a foster home, where her new human father, Cody, fell in love with her right away.

“My sister wanted to take her in as a foster child.” “I probably chose to keep her within a day of having her,” Cody explained. “I fell in love with her the moment I met her.”

This cat doesn’t let anything slow her down — not even a little bit, as Cody noticed immediately away. She sees going around on her hind legs as the norm after losing her legs so young. As you watch her, you’ll notice that she’s just like any other kitten in terms of playing and exploring, as well as rolling around happily. She’s always having a good time, and it’s inspiring to see.

It’s quite incredible to see how resilient and flexible little kitty has always been. Cody said she occasionally “hits a full upright like she’s us and bolts around the house.” Other times, she leaps into the air like an Olympian to chase a wadded-up paper ball.

Duck lives with five dogs and Goose, a one-eyed “pirate” cat who fits right in with the herd. Duck and Goose clearly adore each other, as evidenced by their Instagram photos of them cuddling and playing. They met when Goose was a little tot and struck it up right away, becoming snuggle pals.

Cody says, “It’s crazy; she’s always the happiest little thing.” “It’s a lot of fun, and it’s a lot of energy.” “I’m always up to something.” The dogs are “her own security detail,” according to Cody. Reef, a 12-year-old Golden Retriever, is the pack’s leader and adores everyone. According to Dad, the huge kind dog is a “shining example for all the animals in the home to get along so well.”

Duck also meets a variety of foster buddies, including kittens, piglets, puppies, a bunny, a squirrel, raccoons, an opossum, and real ducks! Despite the fact that there are so many different species, they all coexist harmoniously. What a lovely, caring home!

Duck may be seen outside hanging the “two-legged homies,” a small flock of chickens, when he is not playing with the puppies. Duck, perhaps more than most cats, can relate to chickens. Goose, on the other hand, adores the chickens!

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This cat is named duck for a sad reason and is very adorable… Watch her video below to see why…
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