The kitten is rescued by a witness after being thrown from a moving car… See the photos below to know the details…

Bravo, a kitten, was thrown from the window of a moving car near Leesburg, Virginia, yet he survived. It happened late on a Tuesday night, but a witness said they witnessed it happen from a small white car that looked like a Kia Soul or Nissan Cube.

Fortunately, the witness arrived just in time, saved Bravo, and returned him to his home. They then informed the Fayette Regional Humane Society (FRHS), who came to their residence and picked up the kitten.

The agents then reported animal cruelty to the Highland Sheriff’s Office. Brad Adams, chief humane agent, said, “I did make contact with a Highland County Sheriff’s Office deputy who is going to prepare a report for the incident.” “We are grateful to the nice and concerned person who stopped, rescued, and reported the incident.”

The agents knew the white automobile was heading south into Leesburg, just inside Highland County lines, thanks to the witness. Anyone with information should contact the Highland County deputy or the humane society.

“Bravo” is a darling who is about 8 weeks old. He adores his teddy lion, which provides him with comfort and protection following his ordeal. “It appears that he will lose the top of his ear, but he should otherwise make a good recovery,” stated FRHS executive director Dr. Lee Schrader.

Bravo was placed in a loving foster home a few days later as he prepared to begin a new life.

“After human hands inflicted pain by flinging him from a truck window, Bravo was terrified and a little shaken up. He now understands that human hands may be soft, comforting, and secure. “Here’s Bravo the other night, minutes after he arrived at our animal care and adoption center,” they wrote.

Bravo was fortunate to find a forever home soon after his arrival, where he would have two kitty sisters.

The Fayette Regional Humane Society finds homes for over a thousand animals each year. This year, the animals were adopted in a variety of states, ranging from Michigan to Alabama.

“Teaching kindness to animals begins with children,” they say.

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The kitten is rescued by a witness after being thrown from a moving car… See the photos below to know the details…
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