A group of rescuers joined forces to save kittens who have been abandoned and… Check out the photos to know the result of the struggling rescue…

Chris and Tiny Paws Fosters worked together to save Ginny and Emmy, two abandoned cats. For the holidays, the cute bonded pair are looking for their forever home.

Ginny, a 6-7 week old ginger kitten weighing just over a pound, arrived at a residence where a compassionate individual feeds a colony of stray cats in late October. As part of Cat Man Chris’ ongoing trap, neuter, and release (TNR) program, all of the females were spayed.

With no mother or siblings, no one knew where the lone kitty came from. Someone may have dumped her there, assuming she could cope with the feral cats.
Chris worked with the woman for days, setting traps in the hopes of catching Ginny. The scared kitten, on the other hand, eluded capture. When Ginny let her defenses down one day, the woman caught her by hand. Chris then delivered the kitten to a foster home. Thankfully, Tiny Paws Fosters’ Nadija decided to take her in as a foster child.

The “easily scared” kitten began to improve as she realized she was safe and loved while in care.

Tiny Paws Fosters later learned of another kitty, Emmy, who was “screaming her heart out by a river,” as they put it. So Nadija and a companion drove to the Hillsborough River bridge. It was abnormally cold and windy for Tampa that day.

The two spent the remainder of the night attempting to coax a terrified Emmy from her hiding place amid the rocks. Because she was impossible to access, it was a “challenging, yet sensible” location.

They understood that the sounds of other kittens meowing could assist, so they used YouTube to find the sounds. They also tried meowing, to which the kitty replied.

They were distraught three hours later, at 2 a.m., when Emmy refused to come out from under the enormous boulders. They didn’t lose up, though, and erected tuna fish traps in preparation for a fourth trip.

Cat Man returned the next day. When Chris arrived, he discovered a group of volunteers from the local aquarium working in the riverbed. Emmy had already been heard meowing among the rocks along the river’s edge. It was low tide, so the gang banded together to find the kitten. The hubbub, on the other hand, made her even more frightened. So Chris returned later, when it was quieter, in the hopes that the kitten would be more active.

Chris arrived earlier than Nadija and her spouse, who were on their way.

After placing a can of food into a hole in the rocks, it was time for Cat Man Chris to slip into “stealth mode,” quietly observing. While he waited, he listened to YouTube videos of meowing kittens. “Finally, she appeared and began eating, and I was able to grasp her and put her in a carrier by myself!” ” Chris explained.

Chris soon had a terrified Emmy safely contained in a crate. He talked to her in a soothing manner to help her relax. Emmy was then introduced to her foster home, where she quickly became close friends with Ginny. Emmy rapidly warmed up in her foster family, leaving behind the anguish of her journey beneath the bridge.

“When she’s happy, Emmy likes to explore and wave her tail around.”

She also had a lot of fun discovering and playing with her new toys.

Ginny and Emmy are now closest friends, and they spend a lot of time together at Tiny Paws Fosters. Chris, the Cat Man, wishes for the two cuties to find their permanent homes together.

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A group of rescuers joined forces to save kittens who have been abandoned and… Check out the photos to know the result of the struggling rescue…
“Too ugly to be adopted” in the world where every animal deserves to be rescued and loved…