This little freezing kitty persuaded a young woman she is not a “non-cat person” in the nicest way… Watch the video to see for yourself…

Jodie didn’t consider herself a cat person before adopting Kit, but after becoming a mother, she began documenting her journey on TikTok.

Kit, dubbed the “wild Australian bush cat” by Jodie, was all alone beneath a home. The small kitten, which could fit in the palm of your hand at the time, required bottle feeding. A clump of orange fur on Kit’s brow resembled an Alfalfa spike.

“I found a single kitty.” “She was shivering and very cold,” she said.

Jodie had planned to foster the kitten for six weeks because she didn’t think she was a cat person. Kit, as she called her, would then be relocated to a new home.
“I had every intention of not becoming connected,” she explained. ‘Don’t get attached,’ I said. Don’t give her a name. She’s just known as ‘The Kitten.’ Then she became known as ‘The Kit.’ Then she became Kit. ‘Oh, you’re in big trouble,’ I thought.

When the six weeks were up, Jodie decided she wanted to keep Kit a bit longer. She was “catapulted into parenthood” in no time. She couldn’t stand leaving Kit alone for more than two minutes after that.

She took Kit hiking one day, but the kitten slept the entire time on her arm. She realized she couldn’t declare she wasn’t a cat person anymore at that point. “I refuse to leave her alone,” she explained, “and I’m finally accepting my transformation from non-cat person to a crazy cat lady.”

Jodie joked that her kid was a “future lioness” at lioness boot camp as Kit grew. The kitten eventually won Jodie over to the point where she had “all the power.”

She grew from a little abandoned kitten to a lovely fluffy queen with remarkable grey, black, and orange markings in a matter of months. Kit, the “floof nugget,” was now self-assured and mischievous, pounced on anything insight with her “murder mittens.”

Jodie said when she first met Kit that she knew their relationship would be costly. That’s because she was aware that a new job will take her overseas soon.

Kit and her mother have finally arrived in Montana. Big, a tabby cat, and Little, a black canine, lived in the house. As a result, Kit would have to adjust, at first feeling like a third wheel.

After settling into life in Montana, Kit found a new career as a home “office lap cat,” which she took “very seriously.” Kit suddenly morphed into a cat CEO, replete with her own tie and feline demeanor.

Jodie now enjoys “every aspect of motherhood” and says her baby Kit offers her daily delight.

Watch their story in the video below:

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This little freezing kitty persuaded a young woman she is not a “non-cat person” in the nicest way… Watch the video to see for yourself…
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