Meet Richie, the Maine Coon cat who has gone viral on social media… Read on here for an amazing story and photos…

Richie is a black smoke Maine coon with almost 100,000 Instagram followers, which is a large amount of people to follow. He was born in November of 2020 and quickly gained widespread attention as a result of his owner’s regular publishing of photos and videos to his social media accounts. You’ll be able to get a close look at the amazing creature known as Richie in the photographs below.

When we asked how Richie became a part of her family, the owner answered, “Before Richie, we had two alley cats for 20 years who supplied us with a lot of love.” We took our time before welcoming a newcomer. We found a local French breeder who specialized in Maine coons and tracked him down. We had reserved a cat and were obliged to choose a color at birth; we selected black smoke, oblivious to the fact that Richie would go on to become exceptional. Richie’s breeder predicted that from the minute he was born, he would be very hairy. Then we had to wait four months for Richie to join our family, where he could grow up in peace with his mother, brothers, and sisters.”

Richie is an inquisitive and social cat that likes playing with other cats: “He enjoys companionship and tries to follow us around the home.” As a result, Richie is a true cat-dog, which is a unique trait of Maine coons. We nickname him the sous-chef because he sits next to the spices and watches our every move when we’re cooking.”

Richie is progressively turning into a genuine cat influencer, thanks to her large Instagram following: “We work with a few products that Richie has tried and enjoyed.” It’s always a joy to present new toys and cat accessories to our readers. We make sure to suggest things Richie might like.”

“Richie, like any other Maine coon, requires a lot of attention,” his owner adds. “Their health is vulnerable, and they need to be heard and understood when they need care or are upset.”

A simple cold, for example, should be treated as soon as possible. Richie’s morning routine involves brushing him thoroughly to remove any knots that may have formed in his fur. Once a week, we wipe his eyes, nose, claws, and ears.”

Maine coons are adored for their rich appearance, as well as their intellect and commitment to their human family. We want a pet like Richie after seeing these photos and videos. 

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Meet Richie, the Maine Coon cat who has gone viral on social media… Read on here for an amazing story and photos…
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