A “hero” cat from New Brunswick saved a newborn bobcat’s life… Read on this inspiring story here…

After giving blood to save the life of a sick juvenile bobcat, a domestic cat from Fredericton, New Brunswick’s capital, is being hailed as a hero.
The wild animal was sent to the Douglas Animal Hospital late on Dec. 27 after being spotted in a barn in severe condition.
“The cat was clearly not well,” said Dr. Nicole Jewett, a veterinarian at Douglas Animal Hospital.

It was unclear what had happened to the poor animal, but veterinarians sprung into action to attempt to save her life and treat her. She was anemic and suffering from kidney problems, therefore she required a blood transfusion in order to be treated.

The animal hospital’s wildlife technologist contacted the Fredericton SPCA, requesting that any cats who may be able to donate blood be transported over.

“You’re still a feline whether you’re a house cat or a bobcat,” Jewett remarked. “They have similar blood types, so it’s a good match.”

Smuckers, a four-year-old domestic cat with white and orange markings, leaps in to assist.

After his former owner passed away, Smuckers, a bobcat, was adopted by the Fredericton SPCA. They were able to give three cats to the hospital, according to Annette James, so they could locate a match for the newborn bobcat. “It’s a remarkable story,” James added, “since his visit to a shelter was neither planned or arranged.”

Both animals had Type A blood and the transfusion was a success. Vets say it’s not uncommon for vets to borrow cats from animal shelters for blood transfusions.

The newborn bobcat, called “Fiona” by the vets, is now doing “very well,” according to Dr. Jewett, and they plan to return her to the Atlantic Wildlife Institute this weekend.

“She’s behaving in the manner of a bobcat.” So she’s hissing, snarling, and if you go too close, she’ll attempt to attack you, because that’s what wild animals do to people, since it’s a fight or flight reaction,” Jewett said.

And Smuckers gets his own happy ending. According to James of the Fredericton SPCA, adoption enquiries came flooding in quickly after his blood donation, and he now has a new forever home. “Everything simply fell into place, and it’s wonderful when that happens.”

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A “hero” cat from New Brunswick saved a newborn bobcat’s life… Read on this inspiring story here…
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