Within hours of each other, a woman and her beloved cat did this… Check out the photos to see what…

This is Gabby’s and her human’s tale! Gabby claimed this sweet grandmother as her permanent human when she was just two years old.

“The shelter workers brought three cats to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for an ‘interview,'” Judy Caponigro recalled. With three shelter cats to pick from, Gabby was the one who seemed to click with Grandma right away and fit in seamlessly.
The bond was immediate and reciprocal.

Gabby was the “book friend” of this caring grandmother, who was a keen reader. It was one of her favorite times, not just because of her love of reading literature, but also because Gabby would snuggle up next to her for the duration. She was a bit squishy. Gabby was there whenever and wherever Grandma sat down,” Caponigro told.

Gabby would wake Grandma up every morning by walking on her head! Every night would end with this adorable couple hugging and sharing lovely moments.

Both of their health appeared to be declining at the same moment.

Gabby would spend the majority of the day alone, and Grandma was barely able to eat. Gabby informed Grandma that she was ready at that point.
As she closed her eyes for the last time, Grandma hugged Gabby and soothed her.

Grandma had lost her dearest friend and possibly soul partner. Grandma returned home after Gabby had left and napped on the couch. She never regained consciousness.

Gabby died four hours later. Perhaps it was simply her time and a bizarre coincidence, perhaps she died of a shattered heart, or perhaps their souls could not be parted.
They’re buried together, and sure their bond is as strong now as it was when they were two little old ladies who loved life and each other.

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Within hours of each other, a woman and her beloved cat did this… Check out the photos to see what…
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